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Season 6 of one of the most popular TV shows of all time have come to an end, and now there’s an excruciating long wait for the continuation of the story of the seven kingdoms.

The battle of Westeros have captivated a whole world and, as with all major successes, the web has absolutely exploded with fan made art. In today’s roundup I wanted to showcase some of the best ones that we’ve some across, and have picked out 20 of our personal favorites. Enjoy.

Game of Thrones Characters by Bartosz Kosowski

"Every Flight Begins With A Fall" by Benedict Woodhead

"Long may she reign" by Robert Ball

Arya Stark by Mercedes deBellard & JuanJo Rivas del Rio

House of Stark by Ivan Belikov

House of Lannister by Ivan Belikov

House of Baratheon by Ivan Belikov

House of Targaryen by Ivan Belikov

Game of Thrones Poster by Jack Usephot

"The Dragon has Three Heads" by Robson Michel

Margaery Tyrell by dalisacg

Snowing Jon by Artgerm

Eye of Raven by Artgerm

Game of Thrones "Nerds eye view" by Andy Fairhurst

The Hound & Arya

Game of Thrones "Nerds eye view" by Andy Fairhurst

Game of Thrones "Nerds eye view" by Andy Fairhurst

Hardhome by Andy Fairhurst

White Walkers by Marko Manev

They Are Coming by ertacaltinoz

Bonus… The original Game of Thrones theme song is amazing, but being a kid of the 80’s I can’t help but to absolutely love this VHS intro that showed up a couple of years back:

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