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Showreels is a great way to present your work and it’s a science in itself to create a really great one.
This special feature is a selection of some of the best showreels I have seen out there the past few months. These examples are a mix of talented indivudial artists and studio reels. Wether it is how they are composed, the atmosphere, originality, or the work itself presented in the showreel – these reels got a little extra X.

So grab a big mug of coffee, sit back, and enjoy!

Reel 2014 by 2veinte

Colin Toupé - Reel 2013

Magnus Engsfors Showreel 2013
Submitted by Magnus Engsfors.

Submitted by LEONARDOWORX.

Mike Martin 2013 Demo Reel

TOCH Studio 5th Anniversary Reel
Submitted by Carmen R. Mazo.

Reel 2013 by Elias Freiberger

Showreel 2014
Submitted by Kasra Design.

Andreas Berglund Winter Reel 2014

Motion Design & VFX Showreel 2013
Submitted by Dino Muhic.

versa showreel'14
Submitted by Alex Verlan.

Kasper Nyman - Showreel 2013
Submitted by Kasper Nyman.

Twistedpoly Reel 2014

Black Dog Reel
Submitted by Yimbo.

BEMO || 2014 showreel
Submitted by Alex Serrano.

Showreel 2014 Woodwork Amsterdam
Submitted by Woodwork Amsterdam.

Eaton Crous . Extended Showreel

Phil Borst - Reel

Submitted by Takeshi Tsunehashi.

Poutshi Reel 2013
Submitted by Poutshi.

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  • Adam DiNicola Weil

    Awesome! These are all great.

    Gotta check out Buck’s too if you haven’t seen it. Couple years old but still fresh as thin mints.

    • Daniel Højlund

      Cheers Adam, glad you like the post!

      Thanks for the reference – I’m a big fan of the stuff coming out of Buck and they could easily have been on this list as well! But I needed to keep the amount of showreels somewhat “short”, and even though studio reels are often really good – I have tried to focus more on artists and present their individual work – seasoned with a few studio reels :)