26 Creative Guerilla & Ambient Ads | #686

26 Creative Guerilla & Ambient Ads

26 Creative Guerilla & Ambient Ads | #686
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In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe.

Lifebroker life insurance
Go to image pageLifebroker life insurance

Dental care
Go to image pageDental care

Durex with knobs
Go to image pageDurex with knobs

Volkswagen Polo: Small but tough
Go to image pageVolkswagen Polo: Small but tough

Slovak School Archery Club
Go to image pageSlovak School Archery Club

Norwegian Die Hard Ad
Go to image pageNorwegian Die Hard Ad

Kung Fu Panda bustop
Go to image pageKung Fu Panda bustop

Copenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus
Go to image pageCopenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus

Go to image pageGlide

Channel Nine - Non Stop action
Go to image pageChannel Nine - Non Stop action

Folgers Coffee ad
Go to image pageFolgers Coffee ad

Go to image pageMr.Clean

National Treasure Ad
Go to image pageNational Treasure Ad

Sopranos ad
Go to image pageSopranos ad

Skin cancer awareness
Go to image pageSkin cancer awareness

Pirates of the Caribbean diving board ad
Go to image pagePirates of the Caribbean diving board ad

Nike Run
Go to image pageNike Run

Hairdresser ad
Go to image pageHairdresser ad

Go to image pageAxe

A clean river is a fun river
Go to image pageA clean river is a fun river

ACAT – Anti Torture Bus Campaign
Go to image pageACAT – Anti Torture Bus Campaign

Advertising inspiration
Go to image page

Polo Snow Stamp
Go to image pagePolo Snow Stamp

Go to image pageMatch.com

Marketing for a japanese restaurant
Go to image pageMarketing for a japanese restaurant

Alice in Wonderland
Go to image pageAlice in Wonderland

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  • Eric Vasquez

    These are awesome! Some really funny and clever advertising. Thank you for sharing

  • http://www.knsart.pl/ kaenes

    Really great ads!

  • stacey

    some of these are really fun! Thanks for sharing.