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There’s something quite special with creative photography. To be able to catch a feeling or a special moment in time is a skill that’s really hard to master. Sure, you can take a photography class and learn all the technical stuff but to some extent it’s more important to have a passion and an eagerness to explore and learn. In today’s digital age more or less all professional photos are retouched in some way. From simple sharpening and color adjustments to more advanced photo manipulation which completely alters the original image. Some may say that retouching is cheating, creating something that’s never been. But for me it’s more like digital make-up, enhancing specific features. If used with taste and class, that is…

Mercedes Ad (On the left: Ehe=marriage, Liebe=love)

Under the Bridge by Olivier Symon

Freckles by Reto Caduff

Skyfall by Ole Salomonsen

In vacuo. Triptych. by Alexei Sovertkov

Frost work by Michaela Ihrig

Camouflage by Dmitry Borisov


Hypersurface by Daan Noppen

Face by Dmitry Uvarov

Iceland by Tobias van Schneider

‘Magic Bus Day’ by Daniel Nash

Another dimension by Thomas Mark Jensen

Child of Wild SS16 by Brian Ziff

Gary Sheppard Photography


Triumph by Dean Bradshaw

Mini Shoreditch Mural by tyrsamisu

Star Wars Jedi interceptor

2 Skywalkers & a Vader by Greg Ruth

Star Wars: Leia by Greg Ruth

Halo from Atacama by Yuri Beletsky

Vader by pauljacksonlives

​Star Wars: Pilots by Greg Ruth

“The Long Dream” by Gerbie Pabilonia

After The Sun by Samuel Burgess-Johnson

Thank you!

Tryfan from Y Garn by Alessio Andreani

Lines by Efim Shevchenko


Smile by DBond

Brooklyn Cove Panorama by Edward Reese

Yet by Michael Färber

Not yourself by Jovana Rikalo

New York Heights by Wilfred Lang

Penny Dreadful


Photography by Alexandra Mascia

Fragments by Mikko Lagerstedt

“Flamethower/Blizzard” by Aik Kai


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