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Eleven months ago Canadian designer Aaron Christopher Judd started a project called 365 Days of Tumblr where he posts a new image/quote everyday for a whole year. Now when the project is coming to an end he has picked the best pieces based on his personal and his followers favourites. In this first post of two he’ll share the favourites from the first six months. And the remaining six months will be published in the second post that will go live when the project is finished at the end of February.

Part 2 is now available here!

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  • pikori

    great ! :D

  • These are fantastic!! I would love every one as a desktop background. ;)

  • Thomas

    Very inspiring! Nice collection! :)

  • Hi Daniel
    This is a great project and the samples here are very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

    Wanted to re-share it on G+ but there’s no button. Maybe you want to add this one too?

    Best regards
    Monika (Designerist)

    • Hey Monika
      Absolutely, I’ll add a G+ button very shortly. ;)


  • Ashwin

    Very nice! thanks for sharing!

  • Tom

    Great collection, thanks for sharing

  • Is there a way to get in contact with him? The contact link doesn’t work on his website… just want to see if there is a place to get prints or hi-res copies… Thanks!

  • Excellent images and quotes, thanks for sharing! I love the one about the censored books.

  • The best graphics with the best motivational words… I really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Awesome ………………..

  • PufftheMagicDragon

    Not to be annoying, but in the Johnny Cash quote the first “you’re” should be spelled “your” and I was wondering if you had one without, because I love it so much. These are great by the way!

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. It’s been fixed on the main site for a while now.

  • Jill Andrews


  • I absolutely love your stuff!!!!!! So inspirational, so amazing. Keep the creativity coming :-)

  • Inspiration Exist here

  • valuable moon 4

    its very nice
    i like it

  • Lizzie

    How can you stand up 8 times when you only fell down 7 times!?!?

    • It means that you always get up again. So you start standing and you end standing :)

  • Jasmine

    i really love these so much :) sharing with my friends def.

  • Sujatpat

    Superb. Thanks

  • BradM

    Great quotes Ive never seen before. Keep up the good work

  • Dana Christensen

    “When you have lost everything, including hope life becomes a disgrace and death a duty.”

    Really? My 16 year old son died by suicide 16 months ago, as does once person every 15 seconds around the world. It hurts like hell for me, his father and his 5 brothers and sister as well as his hundreds of friends. No life is ever a disgrace. Death is NOT a duty. This quote could push a suicidal person over the edge very easily. Would you please consider removing or rewriting it?