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In the beginning of February we published the first part of Canadian designer Aaron Christopher Judd’s project 365 Days of Tumblr where he posts a new image/quote everyday for a whole year. The time has now come to present the second part where he shares the favourites from the last six months. Oh, and if you missed the first part you can check it out here!

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  • Very cool, I love these!

  • Joe

    Some really nice typography but they get very old after a dozen or so…if he went with a different look & feel it would be great.

  • johnny

    Take an helvetica font, take a vintage picture. Well done ! u’ve done a fucking boring hipster work.

    • Jack

      That’s cute, you scrolled right to the bottom just to say how much you didn’t like it!

      • Joe

        He’s allowed to have an opinion.

        Haters being hated on is still hatin’

  • Wow great lines! thanks for sharing !

  • I love these so much! But… he used one of my photos here: without asking (or credit)?

    I would have loved to have been asked/told… :P

  • Okay cool – glad to see it was credited at the original source. :) Thanks!

  • Max

    I just discovered your site with StumbleUpon…really like the simplicity, “space”, and picture quotes!

  • Karan

    great work man … loved it … :)) Keep it up …

  • Terra Phelps

    Love! thank you for reminding me that Je suis ce que je suis.