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From up North have now been around for over a year and have been inspiring creatives all over the world with almost 400 posts! The majority of these posts have been inspiration galleries and Im very pleased to announce that we’re publishing our 300th inspiration gallery today! And of course it has the same topic as post no. 100 and 200. Yep, you guessed it… It’s time for a new collection of “Sex sells” ads!

For those of you who missed the previous posts, you find them here:
Inspiration Gallery #100 – “Sex sells”
Advertising: “Sex sells” | #200
Note: Some of the content in this post might not be suitable for work. (NSFW) ;)

Images removed due to violation with Google’s policy…

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  • designafro

    Great Ads! I like the Condomi AD and the TMF Party Travel Poster! my german blog

  • great collection !

  • Proves the one fact everybody hates, sex sells!

  • Garz

    love the volvo and viagra ads! really funny and clever!

  • These are a great bunch of ads. The good thing about sex sells advertisement is that it often takes a more humorous approach to advertising which usually means the advert sticks with the viewer for longer. The majority of these ads don’t actually use nudity and base their ideas on the product awareness such as the wonder bra and the volvo ads.

  • Elliott (Set Yourself Freelance)

    Great collection! Love the Wonderbra ads!