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About From up North

Est. 2010

From up North is an online magazine that curates the creative web to deliver you the best and latest news from the creative industry. Sharing inspiration while showcasing amazing creatives across the globe.

From up North started out as a blog section on Daniel Nelson's portfolio site back in September 2009, and was a way for Daniel to share some of the great designs he came across while searching for inspiration. After the launch the traffic started to pour in and the site quickly outgrew the capabilities of the server. So in April 2010 the blog moved and got it's own identity, domain & server and was expanded with design related news and articles. The name From up North is simply a reference to Daniel's geographical position, Sweden.

In April 2013 From up North got a complete visual makeover with a brand new website and a new identity. The new logo is a collaboration between Daniel Nelson and Alden Haley, who's the guy behind the beautiful mountain symbol.

The Team behind From up North

Daniel Nelson

Daniel Nelson

Founder, Designer & Developer

I started out my creative career as a systems developer, mostly building custom web based systems for larger organizations in Sweden. A couple of years later I transitioned into the design side of things and noticed my passion for visual communications.

After have studied graphic design in Australia and art direction at Berghs in Stockholm I worked as a designer/developer at a publishing house for a couple of years, before I decided it was time to start my own business and give From up North my full attention.

Karlskrona, Sweden
image description

Daniel Højlund

Motion Graphic Designer & Curator

My journey into the design world started with a multimedia design and a interaction design degree spread across Denmark, Malaysia, Australia and England. This allowed me to touch base with various design mediums and work approaches, which I attempt to bring into my motion design work.

The passion I have for graphic design, animation, screen design and story telling seems to merge together and have led me across the pond to London where I work as a motion designer at Territory Studio. I’m very drawn towards motion design as a way to personally express yourself and tell stories across barriers such as cultures and languages. I have always been very fond of traveling and experiencing new cultures, and this huge amount of variety in the world is also reflected in the world of motion graphics which include so many different styles and techniques.

I think it’s exciting to see the motion design community constantly grow and evolve, and seeing so much raw talent and amazing work popping up every day, and I try as much as my time allows it, to find some nuggets here and there, to share with you all here on From up North.

London, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

(These will be updated continuously)

Privacy Policy

Privacy matters but it can be confusing. This page explains our approach to privacy on From up North and how it affects you. Last updated on April 26th, 2016.

The short version

  • We collect anonymous statistics about your visit, like which of our pages you viewed.
  • Some 3rd parties like Facebook and Twitter may know you visited this website, if you use their services. We can’t control them but we don’t believe this knowledge poses any threat to you.
  • If you sign up with us we take great care to keep your information safe and we’ll never share it with others without your express permission.
  • We never share your data with 3rd parties except to help us deliver our own services.
These are just the key points. If you need detail, keep reading.

Measuring our visitors

We measure visitors to our website using Google Analytics. This records what pages you view within our site, how you arrived at our site and some basic information about your computer. All of that information is anonymous – so we don’t know who you are; just that somebody visited our site. The information we collect from analytics helps us understand what parts of our sites are doing well, how people arrive at our site and so on. Like most websites, we use this information to make our website better.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

These services provide social buttons and similar features which we use on our website – such as the “Like” and “Tweet” buttons. To do so we embed code that they provide and we do not control ourselves. To function their buttons generally know if you’re logged in; for example Facebook use this to say “x of your friends like this”. We do not have any access to that information, nor can we control how those networks use it. Social networks therefore could know that you’re viewing this website, if you use their services (that isn’t to say they do, but their policies may change). As our website is remarkably inoffensive we imagine this is not a concern for most users.

Discussion comments

To allow visitors to discuss our blog articles and some web pages we use a discussion system called Disqus. To do so we embed code that Disqus provide and we do not control ourselves. Disqus anonymously tracks visitors to pages like we do. They also remember who you are if you login to any Disqus service, so you can comment on any website using their tool. Logging in to Disqus can be done in many ways, including via Facebook. If you login via social network, Disqus will be able to link your activity to that network. In this way, your Disqus activity may be personally identifiable. Disqus will know what pages you viewed in our site and what you wrote on those comments. Of course all comments you leave are also publicly visible on the Internet alongside your name, so we do not imagine this is a concern for many people.

If you sign up for a service

When you sign up for any of our services – paid or otherwise – we will record specific personal information about you, such as your name and email address. We will also collect and store information about your use of our services so as to improve them. For example, we keep a log of what features are being used at any time. We also log account and transaction history for accounting purposes, and to monitor our business activities.


We may send you email notifications regarding your service or which you have specifically requested (such as newsletters or notifications when a report is completed). You have the ability to opt out of any of this communication at any time. We will never provide your personal information or email address to any third parties except where they are specifically employed to help deliver our own services, as detailed above.


From up North take many precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. These precautions include:
  • Use of SSL encryption for sensitive data (coming soon)
  • Hardware stored in secured datacentres behind firewalls
  • All access to information restricted by password and/or secure key
  • Restrictions to what information can be accessed via any location
Whilst we take great care to ensure any confidential information remains protected we cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the Internet. Of course you are responsible for keeping your password and user details confidential. Nobody at From up North will ever ask you for your password, so please don’t trust anybody asking you for it.

Updates to this policy

We may update this privacy policy from time-to-time, particularly as technology changes. You can always check this page for the latest version. We may also notify you of changes to our privacy policy by email.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or your personal data, please contact us by using the contact form.

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