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From up North is a design blog focusing on promoting and inspiring creatives all over the world. We deliver inspiration within Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography, Illustration, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Print & Packaging just to name a few.

The inspiration blog started on Daniel Nelson’s personal site in September 2009. In April 2010 the blog moved to its new home at From up North and was expanded with design news, featured artists/studios, round-ups etc. etc.

In April 2013 From up North got a complete visual makeover with a brand new website and a new identity. The new logo is a collaboration between Daniel Nelson and Alden Haley, who’s the guy behind the beautiful mountain/fire symbol.

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You can submit your suggestions for the inspiration galleries using the “Submit” button lokated in the header.
Note: From up North focuses on presenting as high quality artwork as possible so only the best suggestions will be selected to be a part of the galleries.

You can also submit images on our sister site SerialThriller™, which is an image based inspiration blog.


From up North is focusing on promoting and inspiring fellow creatives all over the globe. The images presented on this page are copyrighted by respective creator/owner.
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Credit information

Over the years we’ve published between 20.000 and 30.000 images in our inspiration galleries. These images are mostly hand-picked from other design blogs, portfolios and through social media channels like Pinterest etc. Now a days we’re working really hard to provide as much information as possible about the pieces we publish. But if those sites don’t contain any information regarding credit, it’s quite hard for us to add any information at all.

That’s why we’ve now developed a new function where you, the visitor, actually can submit more information about a specific piece if you’d happen to have more information about it. More information regarding this function is presented in this post.


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