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With close to 30 movie themed posts published to date, I guess it’s no big secret that I’m quite the sucker for pretty much anything movie related. So when I came across the stellar work of Kevin Tong I of course didn’t think twice about scheduling in a feature.
Besides making movie illustrations, he’s also known for making striking gig-posters in the same beautiful style. But we’ll save those for another day and focus today on his movie(and TV-show) related work.

And if you’re curious to how Kevin creates his pieces, be sure to check out the Watchmen process video, located at the end of the post.

Hannibal by Kevin Tong

The Dark Knight Rises by Kevin Tong

Batman Begins by Kevin Tong

Metropolis by Kevin Tong

Gravity by Kevin Tong

Watchmen by Kevin Tong

The Invisible Man by Kevin Tong

Mulholland Drive by Kevin Tong

Psycho by Kevin Tong

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World by Kevin Tong

Robocop by Kevin Tong

The Bride of Frankenstein by Kevin Tong

And-Man by Kevin Tong

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