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A couple of months ago we featured the superb work of Greg Ruth and in that post we shared a couple of his new Star Wars illustrations – something that we noticed was appreciated by a lot of you guys. What I didn’t know back then is that Greg is actually putting out new illustrations in his Star Wars series over the course of the whole year. To date he’s released 16 really spectacular pieces which I’ve gathered below for you. To see when any new ones coming out I recommend keeping an eye out on his website.

R2-D3PO by Greg Ruth

Han by Greg Ruth

Greedo by Greg Ruth

Tusken by Greg Ruth

Chewie by Greg Ruth

Yoda by Greg Ruth

Old Ben and the Dune Sea by Greg Ruth

Boba by Greg Ruth

Bow-Tie Fighter by Greg Ruth

Leia by Greg Ruth

Tarkin by Greg Ruth

Bith by Greg Ruth

Pilots by Greg Ruth

Pilot 2 by Greg Ruth

Luke by Greg Ruth

2 Skywalkers & a Vader by Greg Ruth

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