Awesome Chalkboard Designs by Dangerdust

Awesome Chalkboard Designs by Dangerdust
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The talented guys at Dangerdust decided to create a chalkboard design each week containing three of my favorite things; illustration, lettering and famous quotes. And the result is pretty damn amazing, if you ask me. I bet it’s pretty hard to pick up that wet sponge each week and start erasing all that hard work. Check out all their boards as well as their future boards on their Behance-profile.

Stefan Sagmeister quote by Dangerdust

Nicole Jacek quote by Dangerdust

Banksy quote by Dangerdust

Jessica Hische quote by Dangerdust

Claude Debussy quote by Dangerdust

Ellen Lupton quote by Dangerdust

Tavi Gevinson quote by Dangerdust

Nelson Mandela quote by Dangerdust

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