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Check out these awesome video game illustrations by Canadian illustrator Ian Wilding. I just love the clever ways he have added some of the details into the artworks. It was first when I was wondering about the rings running along Dr. Robotniks mustache that I noticed that Sonic actually is spinning in his left eye. Very clever Ian, very clever indeed!

Super Mario Galaxy by Ian Wilding

Turtles Forever by Ian Wilding

Super Metroid by Ian Wilding

Wander and the Colossus by Ian Wilding

Shadow of the Colossus by Ian Wilding

The Shield by Ian Wilding

The Glory Days by Ian Wilding

The Glory Days by Ian Wilding

Dr. Robotnik & Sonic by Ian Wilding

Portal by Ian Wilding

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  • Aaron

    These are just amazing! So creative! Especially the Dr Robotnik with Sonic in his eyes!

  • Great find. I love game based fan art and these are of a very high calibre.

  • great!