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Vero Navarro is a freelance illustrator from La Mancha, Spain, currently living in Madrid. She is an enthusiast of colored pencils in one hand and digital techniques in the other. Vero’s body of work encompasses delicate and realistic renderings of human figure, fauna, flora, architecture and everything in between. In her works she tries to tell stories about human condition using characters in constant struggle with their inner selves.

My Name Is Legion by Vero Navarro

The Bone Idol by Vero Navarro

The Pond by Vero Navarro

Omen VI by Vero Navarro

Omen I by Vero Navarro

The Curse - Omen VII by Vero Navarro

The Everyday Struggle by Vero Navarro

Hipster Bones by Vero Navarro

Annie Lennox by Vero Navarro

Grace Jones by Vero Navarro

Tilda Swinton by Vero Navarro

Deafening Silence by Vero Navarro

Stars Will Fall Tonight by Vero Navarro

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