Beautiful Star Trek: Into Darkness Posters by Matt Ferguson

Beautiful Star Trek: Into Darkness Posters by Matt Ferguson
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It’s been quite hard to miss that the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness recently had premiere all over the globe. Even if I’m more of a Star Wars buff I have to say that I’m somewhat excited to go and see it. Mr. Abrams did a great job with the first one and judging by the trailers I’ve seen, the secuel is going to be just as good(if not better). Can’t wait to see what he does with the upcoming Star Wars movies. Anyways, I stumbled upon these beautiful Into Darkness posters today created by Matt Ferguson and thought that I’d share them with you guys. I just love the simplicity and vintage feel.




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  • Juan D. Bolaños

    I really like this series. You can really see influences of Art Nouveau and Baggastaff in these pieces. Tan background, simple solid representational silhouettes, and black thick border. Its great to see modern designers mix new techniques with old techniques.

  • 7Lord_Poxus0

    The first rendition of the NCC 1701 Enterprise is fantastic man. Really amazing.