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We’re finally back with a new inspiration roundup, and the theme of the day is postage stamps! I feel that these tiny pieces of sticky paper are often overlooked, and probably more today than ever before when so much communication travels on digital roads instead. While most stamps tend to be quite generic and dull, there are actually some out there that have been the canvases to some really nice design work. So in today’s gallery I’ve rounded up some designs that I feel stands out in one way or another. Some are old, now are new, some are concepts… but in my option they’re all pieces of art.

Basic Stamps by Duane Dalton

Love stamp for the Royal Mail designed by Alan Kitching

Royal Mail

Netherlands Martin Luther Stamp

Nippon Stamp by Canaria

Aurora by Joe White

Denmark - The Metric System 100 Years

Israeli Stamp

Paris Stamp Illustration by Elen Winata

1976 Summer Olympics by Waldemar Andrzejewski.

Letter-inspired Stamp by Fabian Fohrer

Stephen King Quote by Shahin Haghjou

World Cup Stamps 2014 by Maan Design Studio

EFTA Stamp by Demian Conrad Design

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