Beautifully designed posters | #746

26 Beautifully Designed Posters

Beautifully designed posters | #746
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Here’s a new Pinterest roundup containing 26 magnificent poster designs that I’ve come across. Some of which have been published previously in our graphic designs galleries but are so damn good that they definitely deserve the extra publicity. And as usual, check out the board on Pinterest for even more stunning posters.

UPDATE: More great poster designs are presented here: Modern & Trendy Poster Designs

Jazzed & Confused by Anton Burmistrov
Go to image pageJazzed & Confused by Anton Burmistrov

Into The Green by Anton Burmistrov
Go to image pageInto The Green by Anton Burmistrov

Flatstock 12
Go to image pageFlatstock 12

The Apartments
Go to image pageThe Apartments

Shop The Hill
Go to image pageShop The Hill

Pointe Blank – Hobson’s Choice
Go to image pagePointe Blank – Hobson’s Choice

Sex Drugs & Rock’n Roll
Go to image pageSex Drugs & Rock’n Roll

Laetitia Sheriff + Nouvelle Vague
Go to image pageLaetitia Sheriff + Nouvelle Vague

OFFF Barcelona 2012
Go to image pageOFFF Barcelona 2012

Screen Printing Poster by Filter017
Go to image pageScreen Printing Poster by Filter017

Miles Poster
Go to image pageMiles Poster

Milk Shake.
Go to image pageMilk Shake.

Print design inspiration
Go to image page

Go to image pageIcons

Com/work by MRfrukta
Go to image pageCom/work by MRfrukta

Good Old War by Brandon Loving
Go to image pageGood Old War by Brandon Loving

26º Prêmio Design-Museu da Casa Brasileira.
Go to image page26º Prêmio Design-Museu da Casa Brasileira.

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  • Brian Littler

    very fine collection here