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We wrap up our “Best Of 2013” series with 25 of our favourite motion graphics pieces from the past year. We hope you enjoy these selected gems, and you will be inspired to render harder! It’s been another absolutely fantastic year on the mograph scene and we can’t wait to see what you guys will come up with in 2014. See you out there!

Pause 2014 ID – Airspace

Night Stroll



Transparent Machines™

lead me


“Pure geometry” by Romanowsky

Red Bull Signature Series 2013

MTV Awards Opening

Nike / Reuse-a-Shoe

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Call of Duty: Ghosts “Cinematics”

Sci-Fi London Titles 2013



Estelle’s Story

A4C – Child Care Center

Tip Top


Deezer | Music Unleashed – CRCR – WIZZdesign

Don’t Fail Idaho | Perspective

Bitcoin Explained

My Keynote Address

Solea // Big Deal

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  • I can’t stay without a note , Yes I asked in your G+ , even I am here with again, If I want to learn Motion Graphic, what is your help Daniel Hojlund, that brings me on the line of Creative and Professional Motion Graphic Artist ? Actually I am a beginner on this filed and, I want to know which softwares make me happy to create them like your shares ?

    • Daniel Højlund

      Hi Bijotoha, thank you for your comment.

      I’d say that After Effects and Cinema 4D are the preferred weapon of choice for the majority of motion graphics artists today with Photoshop/Illustrator on the side. There are various of other software out there you can create motion graphics and 3d with but those are the most commonly used.

      There are tons of tutorials and resources online and you may already be familiar with the likes of and which are quite popular (for good reason!). Instead of giving you 10 links to online training I’d rather suggest you purchase a book on After Effects by Trish and Chrish Meyer (
      I think they are really good at explaining things and they also have online training classes via – a site that I highly recommend for training in various softwares (not free though).
      I started out myself with one of their books and I’d recommend doing that as you can do it in your own pace (+ offline) and there is much more information and descriptions on how things work that you won’t get from online tutorials. Also it’s also nice to have a book that you can quickly look something up in.
      As mentioned there are so many great tutors and training videos out there – but I’d rather suggest starting off with getting the basic understanding of After Effects in your rucksack as I think you will benefit more from that.

      There are so many routes to take and this may not even be the one for you – but I hope that can maybe help you a bit and give you som sort of an idea of where to start..

      Best of luck – and happy rendering!