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In this second “Best of 2016” post we’re preseningt what we consider to be the best packaging designs published last year.

Thatchers Orchard Cut Apple Gin real wood label design by cookchick

DUBOWA by Yaroslav Shkriblyak

JRINK Juicery

Affinity Ultima Bon Appetite


Syrona Packaging by TORO PINTO

Heinz Bloody Mary Cocktail(Concept) by Constantin Bolimond

Dr Feelgood Ice Pops by by Brandwagon and Todd Yonge

Youth Labs Packaging

Ferndale Cheese Packaging Paul Hewson

Haymarket packaging

Wild Fruit Enzyme by Unidea Bank

Bockingford Pads by Curious Design

“Norzola” by Dinamo Design

Jar Packaging by Gustavo Zambelli for Ricos Quesos

Zee – Honey Goods by Gen Design Studio

Pastor winery’s Red wine by kissmiklos

New Packaging for Market Pantry done In-house with Pearlfisher

Biggans Böcklingpastej by Bedow

Aqua Carpatic by Marek Jagusiak

The Farm Collective Label Illustrated by Steven Noble

JOHO’s Direct Trade Coffee

Far North Spirit’s Alander Spiced Rum by Jenney Stevens

Alchimiste Hors Série by Saint- Jacques Vallée Y&R

Cobra Wit Label

Believe Beer by Gustavo Pergoli

Norwegian Bread by Scandinavian Design Group

Bag In Box Viajes De Un Catador by Nutcreatives

L&W Pinot Rose by Chad Michael Studio

Fair Quinoa Vodka

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