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Like a lot of kids I was incredible fascinated by magic while growing up. And even if I eventually had to focus on other things, like education and other boring stuff, that fascination never disappeared.

As a teenager I remember getting my hands on and studying old VHS tapes with legends like Michael Ammar, Michael Close & Tom Mullica. And then meeting up with a couple of like-minded guys in secluded room in a dodgy café in my hometown, and trying out new tricks on one another. My main focus was always close-up magic, the art of taking something ordinary and doing something spectacular directly in front of a spectator. For years I actually didn’t go anywhere without a deck of cards within arms reach and some coins in my pocket. You never know when they could come in handy.

Since I tend to associate card decks with magic, I’ve always had somewhat a soft spot for publishing well designed playing cards here on From up North. And in today’s feature I would actually like to take it one step further and do a whole gallery of stunning card decks. All of which are produced by the guys at theory11 – A bunch of professional artists in the magic industry that not only produces beautiful magic related products but also teaches how to perform professional tricks.

Contraband by Joe White & theory11

NoMad Playing Cards by theory11

Tycoon Black by Steve Cohen & theory11

Tycoon Blue/Red by  Steve Cohen & theory11

JAQK Cellars by theory11

White Gold Monarchs Playing Cards by theory11

Monarch by theory11

Gold Monarch by theory11

Red Monarchs by theory11

Bicycle SteamPunk Playing Cards by theory11

Bicycle Guardians by theory11

MailChimp Playing Cards by Fuzzco & theory11

Union Playing Cards by theory11

Bicycle Archangel Playing Cards by theory11

White Artisan by Simon Frouws & theory11

Artisan Playing Cards by Simon Frouws & theory11

Rebel by StudioNumberONE & theory11

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