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Article Archive

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Illustration, Inspiration

43 Stunning Illustrations & Drawings

Published by Daniel Nelson 19 hours ago.

Ask and thou shalt receive… So here’s a new inspiration roundup packed with over 40 smashing illustrations, paintings and drawings published over the last couple of months. If you like what you see be sure to share, like and/or drop a comment so that we know what kind of topics you enjoy the most.

Graphic design, Inspiration

30 Beautiful Poster Designs

Published by Daniel Nelson 1 month ago.

Ask and thou shalt receive… Ok, since you guys seem to be missing the old inspiration roundups I’ll try to incorporate some new ones while I try to figure out how to proceed with the sites structure. So here’s 30 great poster designs that we’ve published since the relaunch, hope you like them.

Inspiration, Typography

31 Superb Hand Lettering Designs

Published by Daniel Nelson 1 month ago.

A couple of months have now passed since we launched the new version of the site. And the response has been quite mixed, to be honest. Some of you absolutely love the update and some wish that we would switch back to the old version. As I’ve previously mentioned the previous version of the site...

Illustration, Inspiration

20 Amazing Game of Thrones Illustrations

Published by Daniel Nelson 2 months ago.

Season 6 of one of the most popular TV shows of all time have come to an end, and now there’s an excruciating long wait for the continuation of the story of the seven kingdoms. The battle of Westeros have captivated a whole world and, as with all major successes, the web has absolutely exploded...

Architecture/Interior design, Inspiration

25 Creative & Modern Office Spaces

Published by Daniel Nelson 2 months ago.

Whether you’re working from home or from an office I think it’s pretty safe to say that the environment you’re in can make a big difference in the work you produce. A creative workplace is more likely to have a positive impact on your mood as well as the level of inspiration and motivation. Today...

Graphic design, Inspiration

Beautifully Designed Postal Stamps

Published by Daniel Nelson 3 months ago.

We’re finally back with a new inspiration roundup, and the theme of the day is postage stamps! I feel that these tiny pieces of sticky paper are often overlooked, and probably more today than ever before when so much communication travels on digital roads instead. While most stamps tend to be quite generic and dull,...

Inspiration, Typography

27 Beautiful Typographic Pennant Designs

Published by Daniel Nelson 3 months ago.

It’s finally time for a new themed inspiration gallery, and it’s actually the first one since the launch of the new site. I’ve understood that some of you believed that these themed galleries would be discontinued along with the mixed galleries, that presented a selection of mixed work within a specific design field. But as...

Inspiration, Typography

Typography, Lettering & Calligraphy Inspiration

Published by Daniel Nelson 5 months ago.

For quite some time now we’ve been publishing a type related every Monday to kick of a new creative week. Well, this might actually be the last one… We are finally in the final stages of finishing the new site and hope it can be released next week. With the new site there will be...

Inspiration, Packaging

More Examples of Beautiful Packaging

Published by Daniel Nelson 5 months ago.

We’re often bombarded with a wide mix of packaging designs throughout our day. From the breakfast cereals in the morning to commercials in front of the TV before we hit the sack. The majority of consumers judge the quality of product by the packaging and with so many products out there, packaging design is as...

Graphic design, Inspiration

29 Magnificent Poster Designs

Published by Daniel Nelson 5 months ago.

Finally time for a new roundup of nice posters! Today we’ve collected 29 new poster designs that we’ve stumbled upon since our last poster gallery. If you like our poster series, be sure to check out all of our previous galleries in our archive.

Inspiration, Packaging

25 Beautiful Beer Label Designs

Published by Daniel Nelson 5 months ago.

Yesterday I bottled my very fist batch home brewed IPA(India Pale Ale), that I started about two weeks ago. Pumped with excitement of finally being able to see and smell the fruit of my labor I started to look for label inspiration for my fictional beer brand. So today I simply couldn’t help myself to...

Inspiration, Logotypes

Gallery: 25 Modern & Creative Logo Designs

Published by Daniel Nelson 5 months ago.

While starting a new project it’s always a good idea to do some proper research to get the creative juices flowing and to stay updated with the latest design trends within a specific field. In our inspiration galleries we would like to share some of the great designs that we’ve come across lately, that will...

Advertising, Inspiration

26 Powerful Ads with Serious Messages

Published by Daniel Nelson 6 months ago.

Ads are mostly used by companies that want to market their product or service to make more money. But advertising is also used by organisations world wide to wake public awareness about important matters. Here’s a new roundup strong ads with messages that surely will grab your attention.

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