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Article Archive

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Illustration, Inspiration

Magnificent Star Wars Illustrations & Drawings

Published by Daniel Nelson 1 month ago.

I’ve always been a movie buff and my huge movie interest came while growing up in the magnificent 80’s. I could spend hours after hours plowing through classics like “The Goonies”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Blade runner” & “Top Gun”. But my all time favorite movie(or movies to be more precise) is without a doubt the...

Inspiration, Web Design

Mixed Web Design Inspiration

Published by Daniel Nelson 2 months ago.

We are back finally with yet another one of those long posts, so get your scrolling fingers out and check out some the new inspiring web designs we’ve come across! If you like what you see in this post I really recommend checking out our previous galleries and/or our web design board on Pinterest, packed...

Inspiration, Photography

Beautiful & Inspiring Photography

Published by Daniel Nelson 3 months ago.

There’s something quite special with creative photography. To be able to catch a feeling or a special moment in time is a skill that’s really hard to master. Sure, you can take a photography class and learn all the technical stuff but to some extent it’s more important to have a passion and an eagerness...

Inspiration, Print Design

20 Beautiful Print Designs

Published by Daniel Nelson 3 months ago.

Digital might be more popular than ever, but print is definitely not dead. And if you ask me you can never get the same feeling on a device as you get when you hold something printed in your hands. So to celebrate the wonderful world of print, we’ve rounded some new beautiful print designs for...

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