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Sébastien Thibault is based in Matane, Gaspésie. He pays huge attention to objects, shapes and colors symbolic in his conceptual illustrations. For him, illustration starts with brain then comes the pencil. His work have been shown in publications like Time magazine, The New Yorks Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Le Monde, Rolling Stone Italy, The Wallstreet Journal, The Boston Globe, Billboard, L’Actualité and many others… (Bio from

Low oil prices - Good or bad? by Sebastien Thibault

The Intercept / British Spies Track Web Users by Sebastien Thibault

Delve - Bone Tomahawk by Sebastien Thibault

Magazine Nouveau Projet - Stephen Harper by Sebastien Thibault

OPC Register by Sebastien Thibault

Nautilus - Will the Earth Ever Fill Up? by Sebastien Thibault

Borderline personality by Sebastien Thibault

Trump by Sebastien Thibault

Cinéma du Parc: Directors Cinéma du Parc: Hitchcock by Sebastien Thibault

Greepeace magazine / En finir avec le pétrole extrême by Sebastien Thibault

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