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Millions of images. Endless Possibilities.

Getty Images with the help of Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO have created one spectacular ad campaign. It’s called “Endless Possibilities” and is meant to showcase the massive variety in Getty’s stock database. And boy do they manage do that…

With the use of just a couple of stock images they accomplish to piece together four famous faces by using bits and pieces from other people’s faces. And the resemblance of Prince Charles, Angela Merkel, the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis is unmistakable. Apparently the guys at AlmapBBDO spent four whole months researching and testing different images to make the portraits work. After seeing the result I have to say that’s time well spent…

"Endless Possibilities” - Prince Charles by Getty Images & AlmapBBDO

"Endless Possibilities" - Angela Merkel by Getty Images & AlmapBBDO

"Endless Possibilities" - the Dalai Lama by Getty Images & AlmapBBDO

"Endless Possibilities" - Pope Francis by Getty Images & AlmapBBDO

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