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Austrian street artist and illustrator Nychos has a deep fascination with anatomy. Something that really comes across in his work which primarily consists of incredibly detailed cross-sections of both real and fictional beings.

“Blending themes of morbid corporeality with the colorful, hyper-loony aesthetic descended from comics and cartoons, Nychos has developed a unique style that performs with powerhouse effect whether on the street or in the gallery. Raised in a traditional Viennese hunting family, death and dissection were daily business for Nychos. The proximity to animal viscera had a profound effect on him psychologically and visually – he now explores the theme of dissection in his art, pushing it to playful extremes. In Nychos’ world, Spongebob has a skeleton, people live inside rabbits and there is always something wicked underneath.”From Nychos bio

Ronald by Nychos

Cross-section by Nychos

Nychos the Weird

Yoda by Nychos

The Hoff by Nychos

Owl by Nychos

Street Art by Nychos

Mural by Nychos

Horse by Nychos

Down by Law by Nychos


Medusa by Nychos

Spider by Nychos


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