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“Eye-catching” – Yeah, I know… Pardon the pun. I really couldn’t help myself. However, the art of Kit King is nothing short of magnificent. The amount of detail in her work is truly incredible, and I cant help wondering how much time goes into each piece? On her YouTube channel she’s uploaded a couple of interesting time-lapse videos and she even has a couple of tutorials where teaches some of the great techniques that she’s using. So be sure to check those videos out if you would like to see in more detail how she works.

Pa by Kit King

Pa Process by Kit King

FERA by Kit King

Janet by Kit King

Janet Process by Kit King

Dichotomize by Kit King

Dichotomize Process by Kit King

Facelift by Kit King

White by Kit King

Hyperaemia by Kit King

Our Little Secret by Kit King

Refugee by Kit King

Origins by Kit King

Origins Process by Kit King

Imperfect by Kit King

Imperfect Process by Kit King

Creation by Kit King

Creation Process  by Kit King

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  • Perfect!

  • Litho

    A lot of these paintings are collaborative works with her husband. The charcoal is all her though.

    edit: I think the folding hands painting is just her as well. She is an incredible artist, did not intend to come across as downplaying her talent. Just felt her husband should get some credit as well.

  • Oleg Toptalov