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Paul Shipper is a traditional and digital artist who creates art for film and entertainment advertising. Inspired from a very young age by the one sheets that hung in the cinema lobby and on his bedroom walls, Paul fell in love with the craft and beauty of the illustrated film poster. He has since devoted himself to creating film poster art on a self proclaimed mission to bring the beloved ‘old school’ illustrated movie poster back to the cinema… and beyond!

While remaining constant to his ‘retro’ vision, Paul’s work has a modern appeal which proves fruitful for his growing client base. Embracing digital painting with his traditional art background is just one example of his ability to use the tools and delivery methods of today, while staying true to the traditional aesthetic he holds so close to his heart.

Over the years, people have compared his work to that of legendary Film Poster Artist Drew Struzan. Taken as a huge compliment, Struzan is actually a big part of why Paul chose the path of an illustrator. During a visit to Drew’s studio back in 1997 he even told Paul he had a good teacher… meaning himself. (Info from Paul’s Behance profile.)

Jaws by Paul Shipper

Rollerball by Paul Shipper

Falcon Song by Paul Shipper

The Lone Ranger by Paul Shipper

Mad Max by Paul Shipper

Journey to the West by Paul Shipper

Star Trek - Into Darkness by Paul Shipper

Iron Man 3 by Paul Shipper

Captain America - The Winter Soldier by Paul Shipper

Star Wars - A New Hope by Paul Shipper

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  • Jason

    The guy is uber talented no doubt about that but, it’s just too much like Drew Struzan. If he passed away awhile ago then it would feel appropriate but Struzan’s still alive and well and doing some work so it seems a little eerie but that’s just me. Great stuff nontheless.