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If you’ve been following From up North in social media you’ve might have heard that we’ll be releasing some From up North related merchandise in the not so distant future. A couple of you might even have seen some WIP-previews of the first T-shirt design on my personal Instagram and Dribbble profiles.

What’s happening at the moment is that I’m talking to a couple of different printers to see which one to go with. A process which has turned out to be quite time consuming. Due to this I’ve decided to start off by releasing a couple of limited-editions of the first T-shirt design through a service called Teespring, which will print and ship the T-shirts when we hit 50 orders.

During the 3.5 years From up North have been inspiring and promoting creatives the focus have always been on putting quality over quantity. So naturally our motto just had to go on our first tee.

So if you’re a fan of From up North and would like to support what we do, here’s your chance! Your support is hugely appreciated and everything that we’ll make on these sales will be put back into From up North, making it even bigger and better.

Here’s a couple of mockups of the shirts:
From up North Limited-Edition T-shirt, Navy
From up North Limited-Edition T-shirt, White
From up North Limited-Edition T-shirt, Lieutenant
From up North Limited-Edition T-shirts
Want to support From up North by buying a tee? Grab one here!
Not into T-shirts? Tight on funds? No worries, you can still show your support by spreading the word about this campaign with your pals.

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