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In a couple of weeks From up North will celebrate it’s second birthday and time certainly flies when you’re having fun! (no pun intended)

I’ve been planning on doing a complete makeover of the site for a while now but due to lack of time I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
But I decided to release a facelift to the anniversary that fixes some of the larger issues on the site. The old theme have been modified
over and over again for the last two years which have led to ineffective code with lots of small bugs and visual mishaps.
So I decided to rebuild the code from scratch to hopefully make is faster and better.

As with all larger updates I’m pretty certain that some of you will like the new layout and some of you would prefer the old one.
Since the new layout uses a lot of darker areas I feel that it isn’t as clean as the previous one, as I think most of you would agree on.
My original plan was actually the opposite and release a completely new layout that was cleaner than the old one but I decided put
that on hold so that I could focus on the sites performance. That said, a new cleaner layout will probably pop up in the not so distant future.

I’ve tested the new layout on Firefox, Safari and Chrome but haven’t been able to test it on Internet Explorer, since I don’t know anybody who uses it.
Feel free to drop a line in the comments to let me know your thoughts and if something looks strange in your browser.

Here’s a list of what’s updated:
– Optimized code for faster loading.
– Static header for easier navigation.
– Search in header instead of sidebar.
– F.u.N’s social media links in header instead of sidebar.
– Updated color scheme.
– Slightly modified menu.
– More posts on the startpage and in the archives(23 instead of 11).

– Arrows to next/previous posts added to the top of each post.
– Floating “Scoll to top” button added.
– Share options moved from the top of a post to after the main content.
– More share options added.
– Share option added to single image pages.
– Updated advertising spots.
– New 404 page.

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