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In a couple of weeks From up North will celebrate it’s second birthday and time certainly flies when you’re having fun! (no pun intended)

I’ve been planning on doing a complete makeover of the site for a while now but due to lack of time I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
But I decided to release a facelift to the anniversary that fixes some of the larger issues on the site. The old theme have been modified
over and over again for the last two years which have led to ineffective code with lots of small bugs and visual mishaps.
So I decided to rebuild the code from scratch to hopefully make is faster and better.

As with all larger updates I’m pretty certain that some of you will like the new layout and some of you would prefer the old one.
Since the new layout uses a lot of darker areas I feel that it isn’t as clean as the previous one, as I think most of you would agree on.
My original plan was actually the opposite and release a completely new layout that was cleaner than the old one but I decided put
that on hold so that I could focus on the sites performance. That said, a new cleaner layout will probably pop up in the not so distant future.

I’ve tested the new layout on Firefox, Safari and Chrome but haven’t been able to test it on Internet Explorer, since I don’t know anybody who uses it.
Feel free to drop a line in the comments to let me know your thoughts and if something looks strange in your browser.

Here’s a list of what’s updated:
– Optimized code for faster loading.
– Static header for easier navigation.
– Search in header instead of sidebar.
– F.u.N’s social media links in header instead of sidebar.
– Updated color scheme.
– Slightly modified menu.
– More posts on the startpage and in the archives(23 instead of 11).

– Arrows to next/previous posts added to the top of each post.
– Floating “Scoll to top” button added.
– Share options moved from the top of a post to after the main content.
– More share options added.
– Share option added to single image pages.
– Updated advertising spots.
– New 404 page.

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  • i like the change a lot, well done :)

  • S3bY

    Good job, Daniel! I like the way this turned out, even if I am a fan of white websites!

  • Lucian Mangu

    NOOOOO! Why did you do this? When you said you’ll update the website I thought a little update under the hood. The design is too crowded, to much shadow from text and where is the white background? Why does everyone need to change their designs? I hate you HTML5!!!

  • Lucian Mangu

    Oh and thanks for adding the TOP button, but you should change it’s color. Right now, I don’t find it’s color nowhere on your site. Keep up the good stuff.

  • I liked the previous version a lot better simply because it was a lot cleaner. Furthermore this is just unusable on some parts. I can’t read the dates/number of comments on the home and all the other pages that display a list of articles. And in this design the advertisement in the top is just annoying, in the previous design that ad didn’t bother me so much as is does now.

    Can’t wait for the big upgrade man! I’d like to see this one go,…

  • obiwan


  • Emilielle

    Youhou ! Great this new design :D

  • Pascale

    Good job ;)

  • Congratulations on a job well done but I prefer the old colour scheme. Keep the inspiration coming!

  • Flo

    I love everything :D :)

  • Excellent upgrade, Daniel. I especially love the static header!

  • Hugh

    This is great! Love the new design!

  • Flo

    Ok, well I like it. But I’m using your site on a 13″ notebook, for that resolution your fixed header is way to big. I have to admit I don’t even like fixed headers (or footers).
    Anyway, keep it up, I myself are currently to lazy to change my layout ;)

  • Dope deep version!

  • I appreciate you’ve put a lot of efforts in updating the design but I have to admit that the previous one was much better. The new design lacks contrast, fonts are way too small, fixed header takes up valuable content space. Hope we’ll get back the previous version.

    Note: I’m a UI designer ( and I’d like to help if you require.

  • Dhyan

    Great update! Congrats, Daniel, really good work. Pin it button doesn’t work thou.

  • Anon

    You spelled “its” incorrectly.

  • Zia

    Hello! I have to say i’m not a fan of this new website update. I feel that viewing the content suffers on smaller screens (laptops etc.). In particular i think the top header takes up too much space. Personally, I would like to see the previous site design re implemented. However if this is a design that makes sense to the future of From up North, I would highly sugest some major fixes and design updates.

    That being said I appreciate all that you do here at From up North!

  • Junior

    Hi, thought I would let you guys know I think the updated website is great. I think the changes are well thought out and are not changes for changes sake.

    awesome job, cheers

  • Thanks for all of your inputs, guys!

    As mentioned in the post I’ve planned to completely redesign the site but until then threre might be some minor updates coming regarding readability and so on. Even if I can agree that the design isn’t as good as it can be I strongly believe that code- and advertising-wise it was a step in the right direction.

    The static header is hard to make smaller since I need to have some kind of horizontal banner at the top. Most sites have a massive 728×90 banner that really messes up the design, which I’ve been against since day one. The ads are so important for the continuation of From up North, without them I wouldn’t be able to continue.

    But I really appreciate all of your comments and will take everything in account when doing future updates.
    Thanks again, guys!

  • I decided to give Disqus a try, let me know your thoughts on that as well. :)

  • Mail

     New design looks great! But this static header is a little too big. : I’d prefer bigger one with advertisement but fixed at top than that…

  • Lucas Ribeiro

    I liked the aesthetics of the site before the lighter colors became easier viewing. Plus the content is still excellent.

  • Definitely caught me by surprise. A pleasant surprise. It’s nice to see a big update like this.

  • Lauren

    I really like the update ~ nice job!!

  • Michel Riveros

    congratulations!!! grate website.

    Visit from suramerica!! ;)

  • Awesome Daniel, great update, I’m very happy about the “Floating “Scoll to top” button added.” – this needs to be implemented across the whole internet.

  • Good Job! Congrats! Sharp, clear, simple, beautiful!

  • Daniel I really love you site and I’ve been reading it for years. However, I much prefer the old design to this one. The old design felt more unique to me…this site just looks like ‘another one of those’ inspiration sites. My biggest complaint is how the menu bar does not align to the width of the body content by about 10px each side- it just looks too small to achieve asymmetry leaving looking awkward. I hope that this can be adressed soon.

    • Now that I’ve spent some more time reading posts on the site I have to agree with what other people are saying about the header- it really is too big and distracting. It really disrupts the viewing when I am scrolling through design works and detracts from the whole experience. May I suggest moving the social icons and search bar to an expandable header section that can be hidden away if desired? Also, by moving the navigation to be inline with the logo will help save some vertical real-estate. This should still leave enough room for a small header advertisement. Tweet me if you want to discuss more. 

  • Christian Werther

    I’ve got to agree with some of the other guys here. I love your site and have been reading it a year or so. I don’t understand why the menu is giving so little focus / space / size, my flow is always going straight to my point of interest, via the menu. I’d crank the size of the menu and change the dropdown, it’s too slow in the animation, and the menu items are to close to each other. Oh and another thing, the grey on the dark-gray is almost unread-able to me..

    But.. Love your articles, great stuff..