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I’ve been talking about it for a quite some time and the time has finally come to let the new version loose! Today is From up North’s third birthday, and I couldn’t think of a better day to release it!

First of, as you may have noticed From up North has a new logo design by myself(type) and Alden Haley(symbol). Gone is the tilted cross and instead we have a new modern symbol of mountains to resemble the north. The old orange color have been replaced with a more cooler greenish one.

Here are some of the largest updates:
– Fully responsive design for better viewing on mobile devices
– A lighter, less cluttered layout
– A massive image archive containing the over 18.000 images that we’ve published!
– A new categorised “Home”-page
– Updated post archive with multiple thumbnail sizes
– The ability to become a member and like posts (more member functions are in the making)
– The static header is replaced with a slimmer menu that appears when scrolling down

A hard decision I made was to update the images assosiated with the posts. It just had to be done to optimize the performance. So I have a fun task a head of me updating the images on all 850+ posts… I’ll start with the latest post and will work my way backwards. So please be patient while going though the archives, I’ll try to have images on all posts as soon as humanly possible.

So now only one question remains, what do YOU think about the new look?
What is good/bad? Speak you mind in the comments below, you input is very appreciated!

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