From up North v.4 launched!

From up North v.4 launched!
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I’ve been talking about it for a quite some time and the time has finally come to let the new version loose! Today is From up North’s third birthday, and I couldn’t think of a better day to release it!

First of, as you may have noticed From up North has a new logo design by myself(type) and Alden Haley(symbol). Gone is the tilted cross and instead we have a new modern symbol of mountains to resemble the north. The old orange color have been replaced with a more cooler greenish one.

Here are some of the largest updates:
– Fully responsive design for better viewing on mobile devices
– A lighter, less cluttered layout
– A massive image archive containing the over 18.000 images that we’ve published!
– A new categorised “Home”-page
– Updated post archive with multiple thumbnail sizes
– The ability to become a member and like posts (more member functions are in the making)
– The static header is replaced with a slimmer menu that appears when scrolling down

A hard decision I made was to update the images assosiated with the posts. It just had to be done to optimize the performance. So I have a fun task a head of me updating the images on all 850+ posts… I’ll start with the latest post and will work my way backwards. So please be patient while going though the archives, I’ll try to have images on all posts as soon as humanly possible.

So now only one question remains, what do YOU think about the new look?
What is good/bad? Speak you mind in the comments below, you input is very appreciated!

About the author

Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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  • Bas

    Just a quick look:

    • Daniel Nelson

      Yep, as I mention in the text the symbol is created by Alden.
      He first created it for a fictional company but we decided to put it to better use.

      • Bas

        Aha, I’m sorry, didn’t see it was fictional, my bad. You can see that as a compliment to Alden Haley ;)

  • André Manfrini Garcia

    Well done mate, it does look better. You gave much more attention to the information itself and i really like the tiny header menu, gives more space to the images when browsing on Thunderbird. Just don´t know about the white boxes, the way it contrast with the light grey background kind of bother´s me, but apart from that, amazing, cheers!

  • goseb

    Great news ! And congrats for this new version !

    • Daniel Nelson

      Ah! Damn bugs!
      Can you try the top buttons now, some functions got lost in the transfer.
      The opening zoomed images in the old version is probably a cashe-thing, I’ll look into that shortly!
      The link in the footer is fixed.

      All posts need a new image to represent it and I have to do that manually for 850+ posts, so it might take some time before the archive looks good.

      Thanks for your help, let me know if you find anything else!

  • Manoel Andreis Fernandes

    Really like the change!

    But man, the old one was lovely as a brand and layout, just fit together.

  • Julian


  • Wojciech Szućko

    Great work!

  • Joe Nicklo

    Looks nice man. A little bit heavy on the ads but I understand why you have to do that.

  • Joe Nicklo

    Oh…I’ll miss the old logo. Loved it. Did people complain that it resembled the Christian Crucifix?

    • Daniel Nelson

      Yeah, I got that a couple of times. Actually an upside down cross, which is a satanic symbol I believe.
      But the cross symbol was very hard to use in designs, you’d want to center it but the balance would just be off.
      The ads are actually the same as the previous version, but you see them(and the main content) much more clearly now when there is less clutter and larger margins. :)

      • Joe Nicklo

        I hear ya. I had no problem with the old logo and never looked at it as a religious/satanic symbol but I see what you mean about the issues it posed in terms of design.

  • Dominik Wisniewski

    Site looks clean, man. I like it!
    One thing I noticed, after registration it was asking me for an activation code? Not sure what that was.

    • Daniel Nelson

      I think this happens the first time after activating your account, after logging in it take you back to the previous activation page. Just ignore it and you shouldnt see it again. I’ll shortly try to prevent it from happening.

      • Dominik Wisniewski

        Yeah, I just clicked on my profile and it disappeared.
        Anyway, congrats on the re-launch. FUN is my favorite inspirational site on the web by far.

  • Andres Riquelme

    Beautiful! Congrats!

  • Austin Roesberg

    I think it looks great Daniel. Personally, I liked the darker theme better (because I just prefer dark UIs) but it looks really clean and very easy to get around. I also don’t feel as burdened by ads as I used to and that makes my viewing experience much easier. Great job!

  • Jason Murphy

    Typo above – ‘Less Cluttered’ NOT ‘Lett Cluttered’ – Beautiful Site…

    • Daniel Nelson

      Thanks, fixed!

  • Tommy McDonald


  • Rise of the Monkey

    Sites looking really nice, great job!

  • Chris Lowe

    Congratulations & Happy Birthday! The site looks and interacts quite beautifully. Although this is disappointing, putting the create back in creativity I see. I realize your design colleague provided the new symbol and are we not all designers / creators / artists? Is it too ambitious to alter the reproduction somewhat from the original, rather than copy & paste it onto new logo type?

    • Sheldon

      Woah that’s R I P. Shame nad lame definitely not a coincidence :S

  • Stuart Smith

    Congratulation, I can imagine how much work this was but worth it as it looks great. I like the new colour and logo.

  • Sébastien Navizet

    Really nice new design ! Let’s open a topic where the members can contribute and post some tribute “revival” to the former logo !

  • Thomas Snaprud

    Sweet stuff man. Got my love!

  • Maciej Hajnrich

    Yeah, well done Daniel – keep it up!

  • Robin Merino

    You can put your own site in web design inspiration, well done!

  • jpatrickdesign

    Typo – “scolling” in last bullet under “Here are some of the largest updates” …should be “scrolling”

    Nice updates!

    • Daniel Nelson

      Thanks, fixed!

  • Viet Huynh

    I dont really like how Search function directs you to the bottom of the page. That doesn’t make sense to me at all!

    • Daniel Nelson

      I know this solutions wasn’t optimal, so I have now changed it so when pressing the link you’ll be directed to the search page.



  • Ruud Voost

    I really like the new design Daniel, very clean and very nice structure on the front page. Congratulations on the new design and three years of FuN!


    • Daniel Nelson

      Thanks Ruud!
      You’re actually able to swich between different thumbnail sizes and layouts if you change the “view” just above the thumbnails. ;)


      • Ruud Voost

        Good stuff!

  • Hamachi Walker


  • Simon Banda II

    Loving the changes, the logo, everything, mate. I just wish the overall layout was darker, I love dark websites. Besides that, good work, man!!!!

  • Jonas Jeppesen

    dejligt, lyst og lækkert. God forbedring

  • Evan Varsamis

    Congrats! Keep it up!

  • Housseynou Fall


  • Henrique

    Shows great taste and style. Great page both in content and design. The new logo is also great and modern! Congrats, keep the good work, please! All the best!

  • Joyce

    Clean design :)

  • jonathlee

    Clean design, IMHO the text links inside fixed menu (#scrollmenuHolder) needs lighter grey, as it blends into the background too much.

  • Chrizzo

    Very nice Logo ! ;)

    Did you made the Typography by yourself or is there any Font of it ?