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Welcome to the new & improved site!

After over a year of planning and month’s of development the new site is finally launched! I’ve been talking about this redesign for quite some time now and my intention was initially to release it much sooner, but there were(as usual) a couple of bumps in the road that forced me to postpone the launch. The site is still not 100% finished, so please be patient while I work out the remaining tweaks and bugs. If you run into something that doesn’t work or looks strange, I’d really appreciate if you’d drop a line in the comments below.

So, what’s new?

As of yesterday the site have been up and running for 6 years, and during that time we’ve done a couple of facelifts/redesigns. But today’s launch is bit different since we this time around have rebuilt everything from scratch. And after analyzing what works and what doesn’t we also decided to change things up a bit…

A shift in structure

Since day one we’ve focused on our categorized ”inspiration galleries” where we feature what we feel are great, inspirational designs. And I personally believe that these roundups have played a huge role in the success of the site. So it might seem like a strange move to now discontinue some of them.
– Some of them, you ask? Yes, the ones with mixed designs won’t be coming out anymore but we will still be doing the themed roundups with ”beer labels”, ”movie posters”, ”show reels” and so on. And posts like featured artists and projects will of course still be coming out.

But with this new design we’ve decided to change course a bit. Instead of only publishing one gallery per day with only design category/field, there will now be a steady flow of inspiration coming out throughout the day in a kinds of creative fields. This in combination with a new custom build workflow will hopefully give us more time to find even more great designs to publish. Only interested in seeing specific categories and not every single pieces coming out? Would you prefer to be able to filter the content to your likings? No worries, we got you covered…

The new functions

With the shift with becoming a hybrid site that published both articles and single images, we’ve come up with a couple of functions that will not only help you to filter out new content, but also make searching in the archive with 35.000 previously published designs much easier.

– “The feed”

The feed is where all new designs will show up and is updated 24/7. If you leave it as is, you will be able to look through every single piece that gets published. But you can also use keywords to only filter out the pieces that interests you.

– ”Channels”

When you’ve created your custom filter you can save those settings to be used the next time you visit the site. We call these saved settings a ”channel”. And the thought is that your custom channels will function as your personal dynamic inspiration galleries, where you are in more control of what you see.

– Like/bookmarks

Members will also from now on be able to bookmark published designs and articles by using the heart icon. Under your settings you’ll find a filterable list of all the content that you’ve bookmarked. This also functions as an indicator for us to see which types of content you guys like.

– New submission

Yes, we’ve finally added a new submission form and it’s moved from the header to you settings page where you’ll be able to keep track of your submitted pieces. All submitted images you upload will be listed under your profile(coming soon) and if we feel that the design is especially inspiring we’ll also feature the piece in the main feed.


Design is my passion and I really love doing what I do. But a business can’t run on passion alone since there’s a lot of costs to keep the site up and running along with being able to pay my own bills. So to keep things rolling we’ve had ads to get some revenue coming in. But the massive increase of adblockers have made it significantly harder for sites like this one to make ends meet.

We’ve seen a lot of larger sites taking up the battle and denying access to specific content for people blocking the ads. This is not something that we will be doing. We will be continuing to have ads on the site and if you feel that you have to block them, block away… But to make up the loss of revenue we’ll instead we will be partnering up with great companies within the industry and offer you special deals and discounts on their products and services, and in return we will get a small commission on each sale(at no expense to you). So that will be a new way to support what we do while at the same time you can get your hands on a great resource.

What’s next?

Like I mentioned previously, we’ve published over 35.000 curated images over the years. These are now being converted to the new system, which is quite time consuming and will probably take a couple of days. So please be patient while this happens. And over time we’ll go over everything and remove duplicates and index everything properly.

The following categories are currently being converted:

  • Graphic Design(And FYI, since we initially used this category as a random design category you’ll find older work from multiple fields/areas. As mentioned, we will be looking over these older designs and index them properly a bit later on.)
  • Web design
  • 3D
  • Logotypes
  • Architecture/Interior design
  • Clothing
  • Vector
  • Street art/Graffiti
  • Product/industrial
  • Quotes
  • User interface
  • Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Illustration/Painting/Drawing
  • Advertising
  • Print design
  • Packaging
  • Motion graphics

What do you think?

So, what do you like/dislike with the new site? We’re very interested in hearing your initial thoughts so please share your reactions in the comments below.

List of known bugs that we’re working on:
– Big white gap in the feed results.
– Caching of results.
– Long load time.

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