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As usual we will be kicking off a new week with some new type related inspiration for you guys. And today’s we will be taking a closer look at the work of Mary Kate McDevitt – a letterer and illustrator based in Philadelphia.

While most lettering artists try to perfect their designs as much as possible, Mary Kate almost goes in the opposite direction by keeping her work quite organic and non-perfect, just to give it a bit more character. And when looking at her work I can actually see a slight resemblance to the work of Jon Contino in some pieces. But instead of dark, monotoned color schemes, Mary Kate tends to use vibrant colors and illustrative details on and around her letters to make her pieces pop.

If you like Mary Kat’s style and you’re interested in learning more about her process of illustration & lettering, make sure to check out her video classes on Skillshare.

American Museum of Natural History by Mary Kate McDevitt

Venture Out/Wander this Way by Mary Kate McDevitt

Honeycomb by Mary Kate McDevitt

Bicycles For You, Bicycles For Me by Mary Kate McDevitt

Hand-Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate McDevitt

Strike Cold Iron by Mary Kate McDevitt

Space Ghost by Mary Kate McDevitt

Wrapping Paper by Mary Kate McDevitt

Typefight D by Mary Kate McDevitt

Carpe Diem Journal by Mary Kate McDevitt

Be Merry by Mary Kate McDevitt

Best Served Totally Chill by Mary Kate McDevitt

Action Movies Life Lessons by Mary Kate McDevitt

Check out Mary Kate’s video courses on Skillshare where she teaches out her tricks and techniques:


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