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Time for yet another great give-away here on From up North. This time we’re going to give away two licences of the very popular invoice application Billings 3 from Marketcirle. But thats not all, we’re also giving away some really sweet design elements from Rampant Design Tools!

    1st. prize:

  • Billings 3 licence (Mac only)
  • All Nine Rampant Vector Products
  • All Nine Rampant Texture and Photo Products
    3rd. prize:

  • All Nine Rampant Texture and Photo Products

About Billings 3

“Billings logical workflow and intuitive interface make quoting, invoicing, and time tracking simple. Generate invoices using one of 30 professionally designed templates to ensure you reflect your company’s image. Manage your client accounts and easily identify overdue clients – then send them a statement with the click of a button.”

About Rampant Design Tools

“We’re pretty certain that you’ll like what you find with Rampant Media Design Tools. We’re also certain that you’re not panning for gold in a river bed. If you were, how would you have time to make stuff? Trust us, we’ve tried the “panning for gold” route and we found nothing. Zilch. It may have been the result of panning our back alley’s gutter with a used bucket of fried chicken, but nonetheless, we ended up with no gold. What we have done, is work collectively for over 30 years as artists, just like you. And when we’re at work, we whistle, we’re just as every bit as happy as those slappy little dwarfs going to the mines everyday. Rampant Media Design Tools is a result of our digging and scraping, finding what we need to get the job done. We found that work is a lot more fun when you’re sharing it with someone else and easier when the tools you need are right on hand. So give some of our stuff a try, and while you’re at it, whistle.”

How do you enter the give-away?

Easy, just answer these two questions in a comment below:

1. Do you currently use any software to track time and invoice clients?
2. What kind of designer are you primarily? (E.g. Graphic designer, Web designer, Motion designer, Illustrator etc.)

Make sure that you enter your email correctly, otherwise we wont be able get get in touch with you if you win!

The winners will be picked by random and will be presented in this post October 29th, when the give-away ends.

Good luck everyone! :)

Update! The winners have been picked by random and are:

1st. prize: Mark Bridgwater
2nd. prize: Preston
3rd. prize: Ben
The winners will contacted by Marketcircle and Rampant shortly. Congratulations! :)

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  • Nice giveaway!

    1. No, I’m just using … erm … a text file :D.
    2. I’m a web designer and I do a little bit of graphic design too.

    • 1: My personal agenda:P
      2: If you are a graphic designer, then i think you have to trie everything.
      So i do everything that has to do with graphic designing.

  • 1. I’m not using it :-(
    2. I’m a graphic designer but sometime I do some photographer work

    Good luck @ all!

  • Augustin

    1. iCal :d
    2. Web designer!

  • Marko

    1. TimeLog/iCal for Time Tracking. InDesign for invoicing.
    2. Motion designer

  • Lukas

    1. Numbers for tracking time, custom invoices made in InDesign
    2. Web designer mainly.

  • Pilkie01

    1. Nope, sorry.
    2. Graphic Designer

  • Abusyiham

    1. No, not using it.
    2. Motion Designer.

  • Don Giovanni

    1. No.
    2. Graphic Designer.

  • Chris

    1. Currently using Excel for invoices.

    2. I am Graphic Designer, Print and Web

  • danny vera

    1. I don’t use any tracking software. I am currently looking into a software for my invoicing.
    2.I am a web developer and graphic designer.

  • mac only :( *sigh*

    • Yep, Billings is only available on OSX.
      But I’ll try do a give-away with some software for you windows users in the future. ;)

  • rothko23

    1. well, i’m just using an easy sheet of paper :S
    2. graphic designer

  • イバン フェルナンド JOE

    1.-Don’t use a tracking soft,
    2.-Graphic Designer / 3D & Vinyl artist

  • Spartacus

    1. I use Freshbooks
    2. Graphic & Web Design

  • Preston

    I currently use a Numbers Spreadsheet and Things, but as my clients are starting to grow I would like something a bit more powerful.
    I am an illustrator and graphic designer.

  • Ruben

    1. Subernova
    2. Visual Effects Artist

  • Stefan

    1. No
    2. Graphic Designer

  • 1. No, I currently use Excel
    2. Motion Designer & 3D Artist

  • Pierre

    1. Well, just my mails and Notepad for now, but I’m planning to have something more professional as it’s turning to be a big mess !
    2. I’m a web (and graphic) designer in Brazil.

    Thanks for the giveaway !

  • Brian Finn

    1. I’m not currently using any software. I’ve almost bought billings a couple times.
    2. I’m a graphic designer, but I love illustration.

    Awesome work with the site! You always post some amazing inspirations.

  • Kevin Collins

    1 – Pen & Paper
    2 – Graphic Designer & Photographer


  • tsuperb

    1.- Not using any program for that!
    2.- I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator


  • 1. In such programs there is no need, at times Exel
    2. Graphic designer, photographer, illustrator

  • jesss33

    1. no, I us exel
    2.Graphic designer, illustrator

  • ron420

    1. Not using any program
    2. Graphic designer

  • SGArnold

    1. On the Job and Daylite
    2. graphic designer

  • 1. Not yet but now that i just started my one-man-business that would be super handy!
    2. Graphic/Web Designer

  • Florian

    1. I use “Vertec” (only available in german and french)
    2. Graphic Designer

  • Johan Forsgren

    1 never needed one til recently, now im using a text file
    2 Motion designer and vfx artist.

  • 1. No,I am not currently using any programme.
    2. Motion Designer.

  • foureyez

    1. I’m using the Jobs app on my iphone
    2. motion designer

  • Shavanna

    1. No not yet, but someday!
    2. I’m a new graphic designer (self-taught and appreciates advice).

  • mug25

    1. A pad & pen
    2. Art Director

  • Eric Hartmann

    1. Yes. Billable and more recently Profit Train
    2. Motion Graphics Designer

  • 1. No, I have an invoice template in inDesign and an elaborate filing system on my hardrive.
    2. I’m a Graphic Designer, primarily print.

  • Nick Matarese

    1. None — a Big Calender from Staples probably doesn’t count
    2. Graphic Designer (Print/ web/ jr. art direction)

  • 1. No, i just try to stay as organized as possible and keep track with a calendar.
    2. Graphic Designer (print, branding, & digital media)

  • As You Are

    2.I’m a Graphic Designer

  • Mark Bridgwater

    1. No… I guess, but want to use something to track my time. I use Illustrator for invoices.
    2. I am just finishing my degree in Graphic Design and Photography.

  • Matthew Tso

    1. No. I haven’t done any projects where I was paid for time.
    2. I am a high school senior.. and I currently have work that spans illustration, graphic design, and logo/identity.

  • 1. I do it the Old Fashion way By looking at the clock then documenting the hours on my calendar in outlook. {Archaic… I know}
    2. Web Design, Photo Retouching, Graphic Design

  • yaha

    1. not yet :)
    2. i’m a photographer

  • 1. I currently use Freshbooks to handle my billing stuff.
    2. I’m a graphic designer specializing on Logo Design, Desktop Publishing, Character or Mascot Design.


  • Ian Lim

    1. Invoice3 (Kedisoft)
    2. Graphic Designer

  • Ben

    1. No… I keep track myself, although I probably should get some software.
    2. Graphic / digital designer

  • 1. No. Usually written on the back side of other papers.
    2. Graphic design

  • Cory

    1. Excell…Not too much fun.
    2. Web & Print Design.

  • Folwik

    1. No.
    2. Web Designer.

  • Tom

    1. I’m using Numbers.
    2. Web designer.

  • Joe

    1) Using excel. I used freshbooks for a while.
    2) Print and Web Designer

  • 1. I’m using TimeTool on iPhone for time tracking, no invoicing software.
    2. Digital designer.

  • six7

    1) I’m using easyJob to track time at work.
    2) Graphic Designer

  • Alex

    1) I don’t use any software to track time and/or invoicing.
    2) Graphic Designer

  • Awesome stuff

  • Zeke

    1. Not currently using a time tracking/invoice software
    2. Motion Designer

  • Matthias

    1. I tried out “On The Job”, but use none so far.
    2. Web designer

  • Andrew Garofalo

    1) I don’t use any software to track time and/or invoicing.
    2) Graphic Designer / Web Designer

  • Ali

    2.Freelance Graphic Designer

  • The info has now been updated with the winners. ;)

    • Thank you so so much dude, I never win anything like this!
      You have made my day!

  • Mark Bridgwater

    Oh wow, I completely forgot I even entered this.
    Thank you guys so much! Im so stoked to win.
    You have made my day!