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It’s been ages since we last did a give-away so it’s definitely for another one. And what better way to do it than giving away tickets to one of the coolest events of the year? I’m of course taking about FITC Amsterdam 2014 taking place in just a couple of weeks. February 24-25 to be more specific.

Where Design, Technology and Interactivity Intersect

Now in its 7th year, FITC Amsterdam 2014 is host to the latest and greatest in design, technology and cool shit from all around the globe. Join fellow digital creators and world renowned speakers at the Felix Meritis this February to learn about HTML5, CSS, design, creativity and so much more. FITC is the intersection between Creative Technologists, Designers, Developers and all-around awesome thinkers from various innovative industries across the globe. They converge every year in Amsterdam to connect, challenge, inspire and to experience the cutting edge in design and technology.

We’ll be giving away two festival tickets with a value of over €360($485 USD)!

How to enter?
Simply drop a comment below saying that you want one. It’s as easy as that.
The winners will be selected at random by yours truly next Friday(February 7th) and will be presented in this post.

10% discount
If you don’t win the tickets you can still get a 10% discount by using the code “North” upon purchase.
Click the banner below to grab your ticket before the sell out.

FITC Amsterdam Discount

UPDATE: Here are the two lucky winners!

The random winners of one ticket each are… Drum roll… michielverweij and Florian Krapp!
You guys will be contacted shortly. And for those of you that didn’t win, don’t forget that you still can get 10% off the original price by using the discount code above.

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  • Lexington Baly

    I would love to win a free ticket to FITC Amsterdam :D

  • Tjeerd de Jong

    Tickets for FITC are always welcome :)

  • Would love to win a ticket for this conference! Sounds super interesting :)

  • Noti Yméraga

    Would love to have one :)

  • Fenya Su

    I want one! :)


    you would make my dreams come true

  • Parry Sondhi

    I wont one :)

  • Pavel Horalek

    I want one!

  • anna

    I would really love to win free Tickets!

  • Delano Limoen

    I need this! Design is my passion!

  • Valentino Marazziti

    I would like to have one

  • Ben Lark

    I would love a free ticket to FIFT Amsterdam

  • Max Pirsky

    Can I have both? :D

  • michielverweij

    Yes please! :-) I’d really like to win a ticket!

  • Thomas Loizeau

    I’d love one !

  • Toby Auberg

    Yes please!

  • Joram Oudenaarde

    No way!! A friend of mine is going to that event… there are a tón of great speakers and courses going on there! I would lóve a ticket to my first fit for FITC :)

  • Jonathan Vink

    Getting tickets would be super cool!

  • laura kang

    i think i won’t have it, but i’ll try anyway: “I want to win the free ticket to FITC Amsterdam!” :D

  • Sabine Kähler

    I would LOVE to win!!

  • Robbe de Geyndt

    i would love to win those tickets ;)

  • Mante Schneider

    Yes please, that would be grand!

  • Justinas

    Please make my dream come true FromUpNorth! :) I want to go to FITC badly!

  • Ivan Pashko

    I want one!

  • Sylvain C

    Would be so awesome ! I’m in ! Great idea

  • Caroline Bell

    may i have a ticket? pretty please, with a cherry on top =( ^ . ^)=

  • Otoko Thurtien

    ich bin ein ber-winner?

  • Steve Cristina

    I want one x2

  • Jacqueline Do

    i would LOVE to win the free tickets :D

  • James Alan George Carter

    I would deff like a ticket

  • Leo Rabelo

    Can have one ticket, please?

  • Sebastian Le

    Hell Yeah! FITC Amsterdam rocks, a free Ticket would be, wait for it …. AWESOME!

  • Hein Hamers

    I love me self sum free tickets to one of the best design events in the world

  • Thierry Branderhorst

    That would be freaking amazing! Fitc Amsterdam!

  • Jen Glaser

    I want those tickets! Please :)

  • Joerg Agostini

    Yes please!

  • Matthieu

    I want one lol

  • Florian Krapp

    Would love to see gmunk at FITC. The confernce and Amsterdam – great combination.

  • Hodja Berlev

    I came here to win a ticket and chew bubblegum, and im all out of bubblegum!

  • Jonathan Jungløv

    Yes Please, I’d love a chance to go and see the super talks with great friends in Amsterdam!

  • Lizzy R

    Gimme Gimme Gimme :D

  • Carlos Yanguas

    I want one it will be incredible to go

  • Drew Hansen

    I’d love one!

  • Jantine Zandbergen

    Would be awesome to win an ticket :)

  • Joram Oudenaarde

    Congratulations to the winners! :)

  • Huub Damme

    A ticket for FITC? Heck yeah!

  • Carlos Yanguas

    It would be an incredible learning experience. I WANT ONE!!!

  • Carlos Yanguas

    i want one

  • सौ में से एक

    I WANT 1(NE)