Graphic design inspiration | #785

Mixed design inspiration

Graphic design inspiration | #785
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Our graphic design section is one of From up North’s more frequently updated categories and contains a nice mixture of design inspiration from various design fields.

Kingdom Will Original
Go to image pageKingdom Will Original

Getaways by J Fletcher Design
Go to image pageGetaways by J Fletcher Design

Fallen Not Forgotten by Nathan Yoder
Go to image pageFallen Not Forgotten by Nathan Yoder

Farewell Love by Kenny Coil
Go to image pageFarewell Love by Kenny Coil

Pitchfork Music Festival
Go to image pagePitchfork Music Festival

Go to image pageMy NEW LOGO by MEKA

Go to image pageFido
Submitted by Ashley Hohnstein.

Arcade Fire Poster
Go to image pageArcade Fire Poster

Fader Magazine by Sam Reed
Go to image pageFader Magazine by Sam Reed

Personal Identity by Jake Brandford
Go to image pagePersonal Identity by Jake Brandford

X-Men: Days of Future Past by Gravillis Inc.
Go to image pageX-Men: Days of Future Past by Gravillis Inc.

Jon Contino
Go to image pageJon Contino

Cars And Films by Jesús Prudencio
Go to image pageCars And Films by Jesús Prudencio

Edible Magazine Cover by KYLE MARKS
Go to image pageEdible Magazine Cover by KYLE MARKS

Danil Kartashev
Go to image pageDanil Kartashev

Personal Branding by Konrad Kruczkowski
Go to image pagePersonal Branding by Konrad Kruczkowski

Ye Olde Studio Cards
Go to image pageYe Olde Studio Cards

Glimm Technology by Tobiasz Konieczny.
Go to image pageGlimm Technology by Tobiasz Konieczny.

Cartaz fora da lei
Go to image pageCartaz fora da lei
Submitted by Breno Cardoso.

Vault 49 business card
Go to image pageVault 49 business card

Away Days Branding Identity
Go to image pageAway Days Branding Identity

New York
Go to image pageNew York

Find Yourself A Mentor by Ella Zheng
Go to image pageFind Yourself A Mentor by Ella Zheng

Jacob Nielsen
Go to image pageJacob Nielsen

The Glass Garden Shoppe
Go to image pageThe Glass Garden Shoppe

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