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Graphic design inspiration | #826

Graphic design inspiration | #826
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Our graphic design section is one of From up North’s more frequently updated categories and contains a nice mixture of design inspiration from various design fields.

Birthday Poster for Red Bull Athlete - J. Przygoński by Mateusz Bieniusa
Go to image pageBirthday Poster for Red Bull Athlete - J. Przygoński by Mateusz Bieniusa

Talisman Bike Gear by Jesse Lindhorst
Go to image pageTalisman Bike Gear by Jesse Lindhorst

Thømas Adnet
Go to image pageThømas Adnet

Pompadour by Andy Mangold
Go to image pagePompadour by Andy Mangold

BsAs by Jorge Lawerta
Go to image pageBsAs by Jorge Lawerta

Superior Motorworks by Damian King
Go to image pageSuperior Motorworks by Damian King

National Anthem by Jake Dugard
Go to image pageNational Anthem by Jake Dugard

Los Muertos by Edgar Palacios
Go to image pageLos Muertos by Edgar Palacios

Editorial - Collectible Interviews
Go to image pageEditorial - Collectible Interviews
Submitted by Danira Amay Daniel.

STH Monogram by Roydon Misseldine
Go to image pageSTH Monogram by Roydon Misseldine

Katse Cover by Jonne Räsänen
Go to image pageKatse Cover by Jonne Räsänen

Great Plains Power Co. by Mike Bruner
Go to image pageGreat Plains Power Co. by Mike Bruner

Innosoft by Fernando Díaz
Go to image pageInnosoft by Fernando Díaz

The Frisky Goat
Go to image pageThe Frisky Goat

United Sportsmen of Wisconsin by Mauricio Cremer
Go to image pageUnited Sportsmen of Wisconsin by Mauricio Cremer

Mapping 2013 by Jérémy Tourvieille
Go to image pageMapping 2013 by Jérémy Tourvieille

Vision Poster
Go to image pageVision Poster

L’avventura Poster
Go to image pageL’avventura Poster

Girls just want to have fun
Go to image pageGirls just want to have fun

La Boca Poster
Go to image pageLa Boca Poster

Motion Theater by Caroline Grohs
Go to image pageMotion Theater by Caroline Grohs

The Beauty of Letterpress
Go to image pageThe Beauty of Letterpress
Submitted by marylou domian.

Dbln Co. by Danny Jones
Go to image pageDbln Co. by Danny Jones

Estrella Damm Poster by Mark Brooks
Go to image pageEstrella Damm Poster by Mark Brooks

Toronto Ukrainian Festival Poster
Go to image pageToronto Ukrainian Festival Poster

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  • Octopus Creative Design

    The Los Muertos example by Edgar Palacios is simply superb. Don’t know it’s context but it’s superb!