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Graphic design inspiration | #868
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Our graphic design section is one of From up North’s more frequently updated categories and contains a nice mixture of design inspiration from various design fields.

Aiga SF / InsideOut SF by SAWDUST
Go to image pageAiga SF / InsideOut SF by SAWDUST

Wild at heart
Go to image pageWild at heart

The Freedom Project by Jonathan Smith
Go to image pageThe Freedom Project by Jonathan Smith

K•SWISS Stopbreathing
Go to image pageK•SWISS Stopbreathing

The Great Gatsby Poster
Go to image pageThe Great Gatsby Poster

The Whiskey Gentry
Go to image pageThe Whiskey Gentry

"Thar She Blows!"
Go to image page"Thar She Blows!"

Everlong Design
Go to image pageEverlong Design

Giant Picnic by Thomas Neveu
Go to image pageGiant Picnic by Thomas Neveu

Jolly Card by 55 Hi’s
Go to image pageJolly Card by 55 Hi’s

Go to image pagePLMD

Eloquence Magazine
Go to image pageEloquence Magazine

Saad Moosajee
Go to image pageSaad Moosajee

GMAG Identity by Andrew Fairclough
Go to image pageGMAG Identity by Andrew Fairclough

La Fílmica by Elias Mule
Go to image pageLa Fílmica by Elias Mule

F61 Work Room
Go to image pageF61 Work Room

Mac & Dale Branding by Loopstok
Go to image pageMac & Dale Branding by Loopstok

Oh Petroleum Live by Niccolò Mazzoni
Go to image pageOh Petroleum Live by Niccolò Mazzoni

Urban Focus Magazine Cover
Go to image pageUrban Focus Magazine Cover

Go to image pageKnative

Go to image pageParad

Weird Places by Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Go to image pageWeird Places by Jean-Michel Verbeeck

NW Studio
Go to image pageNW Studio
Submitted by Tobiasz Konieczny.

Jon Dragonette
Go to image pageJon Dragonette

Go & Imagine by omar aqil
Go to image pageGo & Imagine by omar aqil

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  • Viktor Hugosson

    Thanks for the feature guys! Much appreciated :)

  • Ryan Lynn

    Nice to see 55hi’s get some love!

  • Tobiasz Konieczny

    Thanks for the feature !