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We kick of this creative week by taking a look at some beautifully lettered quotes created by Indonesian lettering artist Dexa Muamar and published on his Instagram account.

"Do your best" by Dexa Muamar

"Blowing out someone else's candle" by Dexa Muamar

Imitation Quote by Dexa Muamar

Lettered Quote by Dexa Muamar

"Being real" by Dexa Muamar

Kurt Cobain Quote by Dexa Muamar

"Just be you..." by Dexa Muamar

Practise by Dexa Muamar

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  • malarts

    Pencilly Goodness

  • Tom Swinnen

    The imitation one is really ironic, because I’ve see this type of lettering all over the internet. It’s boring, illegible, calligraphy-101. Do something original for a change…

    • Eenmac

      Can we get a link to your groundbreaking portfolio?

    • Eenmac

      Can we please get a link to your ground breaking portfolio?

      • Tom Swinnen

        Ha, yes. The fantastic argument that if you can not do better or equal, you have absolutely no right at criticism whatsoever. You know that does not make any sense whatsoever?

        I do not have a personal portfolio online, by the way, as I am not a fan of begging for likes and kudos. I will, however, post a link to an excellent calligraphy book I own, that shows just what I mean with inspirational, creative typography.

        • Kaspair

          +1 tom swinnen. a lot think that they should be the last who diserves credit for reinventing the bicycle

        • Eenmac

          I have no problem with criticism, as long as it’s followed with some sort of positive outcome, so I just wanted to see what your interpretation was.

          What is in fact “ironic” is that you call the above work “illegible” yet you provide a link to a book with completely illegible calligraphy/typography throughout. Really scribbles and textures created using a calligraphy pen (not that there is anything wrong with that) but when one is trying to convey a message, or phrase. The use of actual letterforms, spacing, pacing is a nice place to start…

          There is some beautiful work in that book, and I am in no way defending the above work as “original”. But the 2 are really on both ends of the spectrum.

  • Deliciously good. I need the all of these around my office.