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Juantastico is a graphic designer & illustrator from Miami, Florida, but is probably mostly know for his cool lettering designs. In his style you can also spot a lot of vibrant colors, which in some cases gives his pieces a magnificent 80’s feel. He also tends to use a lot of layering and illustrated textures that make his well-composed work pop even more. In today’s feature we’re presenting 15 of our personal favorites, but if you’d like to check out more of Juantastico’s tremendous work, I recommend heading over to his Instagram feed afterwards.

Find your identity by Juantastico

Serial Thriller by Juantastico

Black Inferno by Juantastico

Spooky Halloween by Juantastico

Action & Reaction by Juantastico

Heart & Soul by Juantastico

Ink Overdose by Juantastico

The Walking Dead by Juantastico

Super Color by Juantastico

Beautiful by Juantastico

Fantasy Awaits by Juantastico

Everybody has a story to tell by Juantastico

Do More, Be More by Juantastico

Blood, Sweat & Tears by Juantastico

Splash by Juantastico

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  • You guys are one of my favorite Design Inspiration Websites. I’m Feeling so proud and happy. Thank you very much for sharing my work!!

    • Oh, cheers mate! No problem at all, keep up the tremendous work. :)

  • This is awesome work. Great find!

  • EMm’ Cs

    WU A O!..