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As most of you probably know by now, the two main purposes with this site is simply to inspire and promote fellow artists over the globe. We really enjoy spreading and promoting the work of amazing artists while, hopefully, inspiring similar creative minds to explore new styles and techniques on their artistic journeys.

To kick off yet another creative week we will as usual be focusing on some new inspirational typographic designs. And in today’s feature we will be taking a closer look at some of Nathan Yoder’s stunning lettering work.

We’ve been following Nathan for years and his work has been included in numerous inspiration galleries over the years. But it’s first now that he finally will be getting some well deserved alone time in the spotlight. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Yoder and his work I can inform you that he’s a former Oklahoma native who’s now living and working on the US west coast, specializing in pen and ink illustration as well as hand-lettering and branding. All of which has a beautiful organic and vintage look.

Below you’ll find some of our favorites, but his portfolio is absolutely packed with great, inspiring designs. So I really recommend also checking out his complete portfolio.

Also, make sure to check out the two videos at the end of this post where Nathan speaks about inspiration and the creative process.

You're a human by Nathan Yoder

A Thankful Heart by Nathan Yoder

Devils Playground by Nathan Yoder

Bee & Bloom by Nathan Yoder

Rachael Ray Sketch by Nathan Yoder

Core values sketches by Nathan Yoder

Change Hearts by Nathan Yoder

Passion Solution Chalk by Nathan Yoder

Forgive/Forget by Nathan Yoder

Hustle by Nathan Yoder

S by Nathan Yoder

Field & Stream Magazine by Nathan Yoder

Sticks & Stones by Nathan Yoder

Radiant by Nathan Yoder

Scout Books by Nathan Yoder

Sevenly Designs by Nathan Yoder

Popular Science by Nathan Yoder

Zach & Rachel Wedding Invite by Nathan Yoder

Build Futures by Nathan Yoder

Enjoy The Process by Nathan Yoder

We’re most effective when we stop worrying about what others are doing and start focusing on what we love. It’s not about where we’re going, it’s about the journey.

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