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American artist James Bullough grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. but is since five years back living and working in Berlin, where he’s pursuing his artists dreams. His stunning hyper-realistic art is heavily influenced by his fascination for street art and it often incorporates visual components like sharp geometric shapes that breaks his paintings into fractured imagery. To learn more about James and his work, I recommend checking out the two videos at the end of this post.

Bullseye by James Bullough

From Behind the Wreckage by James Bullough

Lifeline by James Bullough

Peacekeeper by James Bullough

Tin Can Telephone by James Bullough

And At No Time Did She Ever Leave My Mind by James Bullough

Into the Ether by James Bullough

Let me go by James Bullough

Brooklyn NYC - Bushwick Collective by James Bullough

It's a Must by James Bullough

The Falling by James Bullough

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