In focus: Artist Oleg Duryagin aka DOU

In focus: Artist Oleg Duryagin aka DOU
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Beautiful, bizarre, stunning, creepy… There’s sure is a lot of different thoughts that’s running though my head while watching the work of Russian artist Oleg Duryagin who’s also known as DOU. Oleg uses a mixture of both photography and painting to create his truly unique style. The execution is just amazing and Oleg is definitely one artist I’ll keep my eyes on!

“I use artificial nature of a digital photography as a tool to reach the point between opposites such as alive and dead, attractive and disturbing, beautiful and ugly. Thus I’m searching to transcribe the feeling of presence that you get while passing the plastic mannequin.
Meanwhile I believe that the surface of the photography is very important. And I try to do photos in a beautiful way, inspired with a classical paintings. Not for the beauty itself, but to create more powerfull images. “
Taken from Oleg’s website.

And a special thanks to Julia Kuzmenko McKim for tipping us about this great artist!

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  • Garz

    Stunning work, just stunning!!

  • housseynou

    Incredible, unique style, really amazing.

  • Jack McDougall


  • visualmerc

    whoa, never seen anything like it! kudos!