In focus: Artist Sas Christian

In focus: Artist Sas Christian
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These beautiful oil paintings of big eyed women are made by brittish artist Sas Christian. The quote below is taken from her website, where you find her complete bio and portfolio. And she’s also on both Twitter and Facebook, so check out those as well. ;)

“My original inspirations relied heavily on anime, Tamara De Lempicka and Mark Ryden. I loved the creative expression of the Harajuku kids in Tokyo. They filled me with such hope and excitement. Originally the intention of my paintings was just about creating a strong image, purely visual. I wanted to impart a modern tongue-in-cheek humor, incorporating my experiences. Contemporary, ballsy, flirty, weepy girls; punk, catholic, no-nonsense, damaged but not broken girls. Funny, intelligent, unusual, independent, odd ball, outsiders. Lovely.”

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  • blux

    love the style, especially the eyes.

  • Pascale Boudeville

    scary !!!

  • Kevin roodhorst

    One of a kind style !