In focus: Concept artist Dan LuVisi

In focus: Concept artist Dan LuVisi
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Dan LuVisi is a digital concept artist working in the film, video game and comic book industry. He has worked for some of the biggest entities in their field, and worked on Batman and Superman for DC Comics, followed by work for Hasbro, FOX, Universal, Microsoft and a number of gaming companies. He is known for his extremely versatile style in both illustration approach, as well as categories. Besides concept illustrations, LuVisi has become an expert in Character & Costume Design, Matte Paintings, Storyboards, Poster & Packaging Design and generally welcomes new challenges within his field.

In 2008, LuVisi moved to Los Angeles and almost instantaneously started working in Feature Film, one of his primary goals in his professional life. Costume Designer Mona May recognized his abilities and hired him to design alien armor for the main characters in They Came From Upstairs, a big-budget Science Fiction movie for 20th Century Fox. He has since been introduced to a number of A-List Industry contacts and is currently in negotiations on several projects simultaneously.” - Quote taken from Dan’s webpage.

Want more of Mr. LuVisi, check out these links:
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  • Spartacus

    I’ve seen some of these works separately before and thought they were brilliant. Really cool range of projects and subjects.

    I keep scrolling up to look at the portrait of Predator, the colour just blows me away.

    I like the different ways the artist has created backgrounds that complement the main subject.

    Great artist to focus on.

  • Wes

    WOW! Totally got inspired by this! I bookmarked this page for sure. Its all well done and really love the concepts. I have to search this guy up he got some great stuff!

  • @_JJunior

    perfect job, dream of having at least 20% of that skill one day!

  • Eric Vasquez

    Awesome work Dan! Really cool feature!