In focus: Designer Joao Oliveira

In focus: Designer Joao Oliveira
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I stumbled upon the website of Portuguese designer/illustrator Joao Oliveira the other day and notised that I´ve seen his work alot before but never really realized who was the creator behind them. So I thought that it was about time that Joao gets his own feature here on From up North. For more info about Joao and his work check out his webpage, Behance profile and Twitter.

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Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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  • raoul

    Verry nice designs..Like it!

  • okeowo adeniyi

    love this site, from day one, which waas like a month ago that i stumbled on it…………………………………… pls never stop giving us quality content

    • Daniel Nelson

      Thanks man! The site is only going to get bigger and better, promise! ;)

  • juanito arcoiris

    this guy just produce crap drop vectors and stuff to a blank canvaz i don’t know what is the big deal with this style

  • 2TONE

    @juanito, cmon man, don’t hate…

  • Jeron van Eerden

    Great works! Thanks for sharing!