In focus: Designer Rob Shields

In focus: Designer Rob Shields
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Philly based designer Rob Shields have updated his website and portfolio with some new work. And as always its stunning stuff. Check out these new and old pieces and head on over to Rob’s webpage, Behance profile or DeviantArt profile for even more amazing work.

Advanced Photoshop 76 Image and Tutorial



Darkness Visible
Darkness Visible

Designers Against Child Slavery
Designers Against Child Slavery



Victory All My Life

My Babys Just Star Dust

Keep me in the Dark

She Carelessly Turned Amazingly into Nothing

Its My Own Cheating Heart

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  • Kevin.Roodhorst

    Interesting works ! looks great !

  • Hyde

    Awesome stuff Rob, keep it up!

  • fksd

    incredible artist!

  • Slyadnev

    Everyone is great, except the fourth, the girl looks like dead…. but other are perfect

  • Tri Nguyen

    I really like how you combine photo with graphics. How do you begin your designs or start? what do you recommend for people who start out.