In focus: Hydro74

In focus: Hydro74
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When I see the work of Hydro74 I usually get quite mad. To be honest I get really, really mad! Not at Joshua M. Smith, who’s the man behind all the artwork, but mad at myself. Why cant I do what he does!? I believe that this feeling is quite common in the design industry and most of you guys can relate. We all have people that we admire and get inspired by that sometimes makes us feel quite small, don’t we? Nuff said, check out Hydro74´s illustrations and typographic work below. And if you´re like me, you´ll get really, really mad… ;)

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Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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  • Kevin.Roodhorst

    great collection !

  • Jeremy

    So true, dude! And awesome post!!

  • raoul

    veery nice!

  • Nathaniel

    Wicked stuff, very inspiring

  • Jay Donohue

    Hydro74 has been making me mad since 2007 when I first discovered his sick talents. In my opinion he is the best vector artist out there and inspires me to be better! I’m also a sucker for custom and original typography, which he is also a King of, thanks for sharing!