In focus: Illustrator Michael Kutsche

In focus: Illustrator Michael Kutsche
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“Michael Kutsche is an award-winning German artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is a self taught artist who works both in traditional and digital media. His work is best described as an astoundingly lifelike depiction of parallel realities, populated by odd characters reminiscent of movies, comics but also Flemish Renaissance Painting. His unique approach of imaginative character creation has led him to become a character designer on Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” in 2008, “John Carter of Mars”, directed by Andrew Stanton and “Thor”, directed by Kenneth Branagh. Parallel to his career in the film industry he still keeps track of his own projects, including personal paintings for future exhibitions, book projects etc.” - Quote taken from Michael’s webpage.

Michael Kutsche

Sergej, the false clown

Plastic Army


Alice – Caterpillar

Alice – Cheshire Cat

Alice – Red Knight



The Holy Innocence

Elephant Man

Empire Total War Grenadier

The Wall

Agency Characters


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  • Nessa_

    Love Michael´s work :)

  • J. Júnior

    Amazing art, I turned a fan!

  • Ezequias Viana

    Trabalho muito bacana.

  • John Bell

    The agency characters are sooo true.. :D
    Art Director, Creative Director & Copywriter

  • amureki

    That’s really cool set. Thank you!

  • Jeaver

    This soooooooo makes me want to draw! Great stuff… Thanks FUN (From Up North)!