In focus: Illustrator Si Scott

In focus: Illustrator Si Scott
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Todays In focus-post is all about the amazing illustrations of Si Scott. Unfortunately I havn´t found to much info about the guy so I will let the artwork do all of the speaking. Check out his website for more stunning work.

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Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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  • stefano

    Fantastic job

  • Mandy Grey

    Great typography work, especially the last one!
    Cheers from Scotland!

  • secondfront

    牛B啊 太厉害了 赞一个

  • Ed

    Great work! Inspirational!

  • steampunk

    Very Beautiful!

  • Steve

    the vast majority of his work is done freehand and never brought on to a computer, obviously the pieces like the soccer player etc. are worked on computer but the illustrations of the animals at the beginning are all hand rendered. even more amazing now huh?!

  • Marc

    This is some truly inspiring, if not a little intimidating, work.

  • Richard

    You are simply awesome..!!!!

  • Antau

    不错,太强悍了。love the style

  • Jacobo

    Really sweet

  • Andy Hulme

    I Quit.

  • Elu

    I can’t believe this.