In focus: Illustrator Stanley Chow

In focus: Illustrator Stanley Chow
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“Stan Chow was born and raised in Manchester, England, where he currently resides. He began his career in 1997, mainly as a fashion illustrator and storyboard artist, and has become one of the most highly respected and established artists in the UK, working across a platform of media in advertising, design, publishing, packaging, gaming, animation and interactive. Recently he has been diligently working on his first love: cartoons and caricatures, and his design for The White Stripes USB memory stick was nominated for a Grammy Award.” – Quote taken from Bernstein & Andriulli.

Check out Stan’s webshop for available prints to purchase!

You can find more of Stans work over at his webpage.

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Hey, my name is Daniel Nelson. I´m a graphic designer/web developer from Sweden and I'm the creator of From up North.
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  • Micah

    Haha these are so friggin great!!

  • Clif Dickens

    Unbelievably brilliant.

  • Tom

    This is awesome!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Richard Jessop

    Stunning stuff, simply stunning…

  • George Coghill

    Great illustrations!

  • foofanoo

    Such recognizable features from so few shapes and lines. Stanley is much more than a vector manipulator. Great!

  • Kathleen @ Sugar and Spice

    Terrific Stuff.