In focus: Photographer/Director Joon Brandt

In focus: Photographer/Director Joon Brandt
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Norwegian photographer and director Joon Brandt has one of those portfolios that makes you take a step back and say: “Wooo… How did he… Look at that… Damn…”. Know which kind I mean? The kind of portfolio that makes you as a designer feel pretty small. That´s at least how I felt the first time I saw his incredible work.

Some info about Joon taken from his webpage:
“Joon was born in 1975 in Halden, a southern town in Norway. He graduated in 1998 from the School of Media and Film in ITC. After graduation he started working at Media Design, doing visual effects work for TV and film. Moving to the buzzing new film city of Fredrikstad he did freelance VFX work for Zwart Arbeid while at the same time building his own reputation as a director and photographer.”

Joon´s motion reel from 2009

To see more of Joon´s work, check out his webpage.

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  • Jan Heinz

    Now thats what I call a showreel! Simply amazing all the way through!

  • Kevin.Roodhorst

    Nice work ! beautiful shots !