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Paul Jackson, a British artist based in Toronto, started to draw when he was 5 years old and realized while growing up that it was something that he would be doing for the rest of his life. His black and white art is incredibly detailed, and some pieces are even verging towards being hyper-realistic. Paul likes to draw weird stuff and a lot of his portfolio pieces consists of skeletons and organs getting ripped out of living, mostly animal, bodies. And while this might seem quite dark and morbid, you can not help getting intrigued by the level of detail in each piece and appreciating the beauty of the objects, instead of just seeing gruesomeness.

Raptor by Paul Jackson

Ape skull & brain by Paul Jackson

Glitch Ape by Paul Jackson

Ape Soldier by Paul Jackson

Lioness & Skull by Paul Jackson

Terminator by Paul Jackson

Hard Times by Paul Jackson

Jay Adams by Paul Jackson

Skull by Paul Jackson

PJ Medley by Paul Jackson

Wolf & Skeleton by Paul Jackson

Jackal Skull by Paul Jackson

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  • This is too static to be incredible, Google “Nychos” to see the real deal

    • Nat

      not quite the same style though. This one has good stuff on their own

  • Gayafour Ka

    Love these to bits – you should put them on sweatshirts